Wednesday, September 02, 2015

a pantry pick-me-up!

So... I have a new friend.  She's cute and insanely clever.  She abounds in southern charm.  She's kinda the kind of gal you could hate if you started comparing... except that she's-



and loves Jesus!

I know.. what's a girl to do? 
I'm just trying to capitalize on her brilliance.  You may have heard of her.  She's sorta blog famous {click here}.  She's teaching me the ways of my new toy.  And while I was over at her home I begged for a tour {no shame}.  One thing that I LOVED,  and there were many, was her pantry.  She bought these fancy chip clip thingys from eBay.  I almost bought some then I thought of what I have on hand... and how I have no patience... and how I desperately love instant gratification....


So like one gone mad on a budget. 
 I scampered to the garage and produced these curtain clips and a yard stick.


I took the clips off of the rings and glued them onto the yard stick.


Next I gave it a hit of white spray paint.  
I think the new chip clip system will be a hit!  
Everything tidy and now the kiddos can see what we have on hand = making lunch packing a bit more easy!  

THANK YOU Christy!!

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  1. When you sent me your link, you didn't tell me that I was the star of your post! Well, really the chip rack hack is...but thank you, sweet friend! XO, Christy