Thursday, October 08, 2015


We are on Fall break over here at Harris house- it might be my very FAVORITE break of all!  We are basking in the sunshine {it rained here for years until Tuesday}.   I've been cooking up a storm.... my new tomato basil soup with pimento cheese is now going into the fall rotation.  They loved it- praise the Lord.  And THANK YOU vitamix for making all the vegetables disappear so my littles would ask for seconds- I {heart} you!  This is becoming a season of thankfulness around here.  I'm hard pressed to "help" my littles see the good and the goodness in all the things all around us.  We are shopping the house to put together Halloween costumes.  And I'm trying to savor these times when my dining room table is so full of legos that we can hardly see the top let alone have a meal.   And my car looks like one where the Beverly Hillbillies meet Dance Moms!  When we complain {and we often do}.. Joey asks us to quickly say 5 things we are thankful for.  Here goes:

#1 Jesus!
{who is good when I am not}

#2 my precious Jo-bo-baby
{who makes me cry with his constant love for us}

#3 my littles
{whom I adore more than any momma ought to be allowed}

#4 my health
{just waking up is a gift!}

#5  my Cooner
{I had another day with her!}

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