Monday, November 22, 2010

"Christmas with a touch of Cooner....."

So.. in a sentence- Cooner came this week {for a very short visit- boo!} & I know y'all didn't take it personal cause you know how I feel about our time together- it's PRECIOUS to me!!! We {Joey, the kiddos, & I} had put our tree up on Monday & found out that she was coming in on Tuesday... Needless-to say... with a wave of her magic wand my house was TOTALLY transformed! Here is quick recap of some of our week....

{this is the Harris Family Christmas Tree 2010- take 1}
Now in my defense- Cooner sent me 3 rolls of 1 yard wide lime green burlap- how was I suppose to know that you were suppose to twist it & that bows could be made with such as beast as that?? And she cut off the tree topper in this picture- and that was the best part- ha ha!!!

{this is Cooner's Harris Family Christmas tree 2010- take 2}
Shameful isn't she??? She just waltzed right in fresh off of the airplane & shook her head. Then she proceeded to take everything off & start a fresh. I swear the woman works magic. Joey said "well I thought ours looked pretty good until now!" THANKS Joe!!! I fell in love with the new tree instantly....

...& quickly begged for her help on the mantel {thank goodness she didn't take a before picture of it- I may have lost a follower or 2- ha ha!!}

... and then the wreaths got a wave of the wand...

... and the swags too- which are 10 yrs old by the way & have NEVER looked better...

and YES ladies the chandys weren't safe either!!!

on the 7th day {eve} she FINALLY rested!!!!

but did manage to make us our favorites... like BUTTER COOKIES!!!! {and we all ate 1 10}

Now I must add that she DID rest- everyday she napped with A-man & went to bed early with Priss, took her meds on time, & ate properly!!! We love you so much Cooner- THANKS for coming to see us!!! No one loves you like we do!!!!!!!! And tonight I am finishing up the last of the details & all the while I'm missing her advice, her humming everywhere we go, her wonderful cooking, her loving on my children- just the way I like to do, but MOST of all- I just miss knowing that I can go into the next room & see her sweet face!!


I did get a lot of praise for his tree...

and her tree!!!
{maybe there is hope for me & tree decorating after all???}


  1. Hi, Ashly! Your home is just fabulous!!! I love your built-ins. The decorations are great...so pretty and sparkly (I do love some sparkle!). It must make you smile to walk in the door. :) I'm visiting from The Nester's Tour of Homes. I hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  2. Love the Chandy! Love the wreaths! Love the Trees! Merry Christmas! Please feel free to stop by and say hello on my blog!

  3. Visiting from the Nester! Love what Cooner did to help you with all your decorations!!! The tree and everything looks beautiful!

  4. I love that first wreath with Harris on it! Such a cute idea! Lovin' the swags on the door, the chandelier ribbons and the cute kids trees.

  5. Hello, I am blog hopping today and just decided to stop by your blog.

    Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!

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    Have a very blessed Wednesday!! :0)

  6. I'm visiting from The Nester's Tour of Homes. I don't know who Cooner is (a grandparent, family friend, etc...), but I wish I had her in my life! My house needs some Cooner touches!

  7. What a cute story - thanks for sharing :)