Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Josey's 6th Birthday"

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well.... today is over & it was a HUGE success!!!
My Priss did use 2 hands this morning to show me the big
6!!!!!!! We were so blessed to get to share her special day
with my parents, brother, Tucker, & Jaylee. I am sad tonight,
but very tired- I guess that God knows my heart, so He
kept my hands VERY busy today to take my mind off of it... We are
all headed to the beach for one last Va-cay before school starts next
week. Be blessed!!!!!

p.s. please keep baby William in your prayers- he is getting tubes
placed in the a.m.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Josey's 5th Birthday"

Josey was VERY into "High School Musical" so that became the obvious choice for b-day #5. I organized the party to be held @ her ballet school. There the girls were taught a musical skit/dance by a real ballerina & they got to show off their stuff when their parents arrived. They had a ball singing karaoke, hitting a pinata & gathering the fun loot, choosing 1 of the VERY popular lip-gloss rings, putting on tattoos that said "I (heart) Troy", & getting a fun twirl ballet skirt to keep as a memento. It was very sweet, but it seemed very grown to me- they really entertained themselves. However little A-man lifted my spirits with his VERY 1 yr old self......

the invitation:
a HSM movie ticket
complete with Josey's picture-
(you only get to be 5 once too)

A-man was so precious-
he just watched all the girls
so patiently for 2 solid hours...
(& the fact that 1 entire wall of the room was
mirrored helped keep him entertained!)

amazed @ all the 5 yr old
dancing talent, but I was
BLOWN AWAY when they started
singing... they knew ALL of words
of EVERY song. I remember Miss Amy
asking Priss "which song would you like
birthday girl?"- Josey's reply..
"any of them- I know them all.."

they all danced/sang until
they were RED in the face & ready for
Gabriella & Sharpay bracelet topped
cup cakes with East High juice boxes....
after all-
"we're all in this together.."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Josey's 4th Birthday"

When Princess Josey turned 4- we had a new little addition to our family (little A-man). I had been planning her "Disney Princess" themed party the entire 5 month bed rest term! I remember getting packages nearly everyday in the mail from tiaras to tattoos to lip gloss kits!!!!! SOOO fun- she & I had big dreams for this one. She invited 7 others little Princesses to come to "our castle" dressed in their princess attire. The girls were greeted @ the door with a Royal Welcome- each was crowned with a jeweled tiara, darned with a feather boa, made-up with make-up, & given a the "Royal Treatment" with a manicure & pedicure- whew!!!!!!! It was A LOT of work - but SO worth it!!!!!!! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!!!!!!! They were escorted to the "Royal Dining Hall" to their personalized place setting. Each received a purse with more lip gloss (you can never have too much- ha), stickers, rings, bracelets, tattoos, & necklaces. They were amazed with the fun menu- all of Josey's favorites (chicken nuggets, carrots & dip, fruit with fluffy purple dip (whip cream with food coloring), Cheetos, Disney Princess cookies, pink velvet cup-cakes, & pink lemonade with strawberries!!!!!!! I know that 1 little girl's dream really came true that day.....

we made the invitation
in the shape of a wand
& added glitter- of course!!!

after the "Royal Buffet"
we headed out for more fun-
we played-
find the "poison apple" &
pin the tiara on the princess

finally we cooled off after the games
in the sprinkler & water slide!!!!
(with Princess Popsicles-
she only turns 4 once...)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Josey's 3rd Birthday"

Prissy's birthday falls right smack down in the middle of summer (in the BLAZING heat). Sooo for her 3rd I decided to cool things down with a water slide. She loved ponies then so I thought that I'd combine the two??? How about "Pony rides & water slides"????? I rented some little ponies for 2 hrs- this way the children could ride for awhile then cool off in the water. Each buckaroo got a cow-girl/boy hat, a sheriff badge, & yummy prizes to take home. It was a ball- I think that the parents loved it too. The ponies were a HUGE hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the invitation
says it all!!!!

I made this little dress to
match the party...
(you know my motto:
she will only turn 3 once!!!)

we went inside to
open gifts @ the end.
(once she opened the purple
princess set from Cooner & Papaw-
she kept it on until bath-time)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Josey's 2nd Birthday"

Birthday #2 was celebrated @ our house too- this time with a "Fairy wing & Pixy dust" theme. Each child took home a pair of wings, a wand, a Chinese take-out container filled with jewels & fairy must-haves (embellished with ribbon & stickers of course), & a personalized crown (I got the template from Burger King- then painted them white & added their names & TONS of jewels!!!) They nibbled on tea-sandwiches, pigs-n-blankets, & feasted on fruit filled wands (kabob sticks with yummy fruit- I added a piece of star fruit to the end to finish it off). They colored pictures of castles & fairies. Then I gathered them up for a short story "The Merry Fairy's Manners". I know that they all had a wonderful time with my little Priss!!!!!!!

I had to add this profile picture
to the invitation!!! I wanted our family & friends
to get a copy of her 2yr old portrait pics.
She was the cutest little girl then & still is!!!!!!!

Hannah- she was little Prissy's
first friend- I hear that she still
has her wings from the party..
(I know another little fairy that wears
hers from time to time too...)

Monday, July 20, 2009

"Josey's 1st Birthday"

soooo in keeping with my birthday theme week.... I have decided to showcase my little Prissy's birthdays starting with the big #1. Each day this week you can see what we were doing this time on that year!!!!!!! Oh what FUN I have had planning these parties. I have much still to do for the Luau & my family is coming into town this week too- yeah!!!!!! Hope that ya'll enjoy!!

her invitation:
the little insert went inside
the "pretty package" folder
& of course I added a ribbon!!!
(I mean really- she just turns 1 once)

themed party came complete with
what else??? a PINK PURSE CAKE
(finished off with a chocolate malt ball handle &
tinted pink coconut to make it ultra
FU FU!!!!!!) each guest got to take
home a "purse" with age appropriate
goodies & toys!!!

this was outfit #2
@ the party- she had such
a great day!!!!!!

party # 2!!!!!!!

OK so maybe she did
get to turn 1 twice???
Aunt Carol & Grandma Harris
had a party for her in IN too!!!!!
(being a Harris-girl definitely has its perks!!)