Monday, May 31, 2010

"award day..."

Prissy finished up another great year @ SCCS. She excelled both academically & spiritually! It has been amazing to see how she is growing into a precious young girl. She & I are headed out for a photo shoot this afternoon (more details of my new little job to come), but here are a few pics from Friday...

~Priss & her corny Momma...~

~S.G. & Priss~


Sunday, May 30, 2010

"AHHH the relief"

Ya'll will NEVER guess what HT had on special this weekend??? Peonies.... they are making the poison ivy itch less... at least that is what I keep telling myself (& Joey) & they make my bedroom smell wonderful!!!! or maybe it is the combo- aveno oatmeal baths, calamine lotion, sarna lotion, the steroid dose pack, daily claritin, the benadryl induced coma that I put myself into every night, or the peonies!!!


Happy Birthday to the sweetest, kindest, most precious, and most beautiful on the inside & out BFF that a girl could EVER ask for!!!!! I love you Kristy!!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

"teacher gifts"

Despite.... my SEVERE case of poison ivy, the hectic loose ends to tie up during the last week of school & ballet, & getting ready for my new little side-job (I'll share more on that next week)... we are making it... PRAISE GOD!!!! I had one last duty as "class mom" this year & it included end of year teacher gifts???

I thought & thought of something FAB & never done before.... but my brain is moosh & as I told ya'll before I've got blisters on top of blisters (hence my sleep deprivation, countless trips to the pharmacy, then finally a complete lack of pride=shot in my you know where)... Anyway we did gift cards & I put this together with Mrs. White's favorite flowers to personalize it a bit. {first start with an empty lemonade container- then put a rubber band around it & start adding the pencils- next cover up the ugly rubber band with pretty ribbon- Wa-LA!!!} I hope that her sweet teachers feel blessed, just as we do for all of their hard work this year!!!

Mrs. White & Mrs. Hudson!!!

Now we are off to the end of year awards ceremony (which I already cried my eyes out over once already & that didn't include all of the awards- it's just who I am...). Here are some pics from field day yesterday...

~A-man & Luke~
(just before getting 2 splinters in his fingers- his 1st splinter surgery of the summer occurred just as soon as we got home- it's the RN in me. He really is a tough guy- minimal tears & said "he didn't need any band aide, keep those for Priss"- I cracked up @ him walking up stairs to show Priss with his shoulder all puffed out... what a boy!)

Priss really had a great time this year- Thank you Jesus (I told ya'll that she didn't want to go & we've been praying for this day for a good solid week now)!!!

p.s. if anyone got any good pics of my kiddos PLEASE e-mail them to me....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"the Fog Princess..."

I just found out yesterday @ pick-up that Prissy & I were in the local newspaper! Priss was SO excited- she just "couldn't believe that we were famous!!!"- AHH I hope she stays little a while longer....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Beloved, Dear One, Dearest, Precious, Sweet One, Dear one, Sister, Darling One, Cherished One- these are just a few of the pleasantries that Beth would call me (us) in the Esther workbook each week!!! I miss being called "Cherished"- call me crazy, psycho, or just plain sensitive- but I liked it! Towards the end of our study- I actually started to circle them in my workbook (I want to speak to people like that too). Speaking of "Darling One"- my little Priss is not far off the mark either. Last week when I was driving her to school I couldn't wait to show her a short cut that I had found that not only took less time/it also was MUCH safer with less lane crossing! She responded even more enthusiastically than I would have guessed (but she is her mother's daughter & I know how these things tickle me). She just kept saying "WOW Momma- you are so clever....! & Good Job!!" Finally when I picked her up she said she needed to tell me something.... "Tell me Priss what? Did something happen @ School?" "No Ma'am.... it's just that... you know that way that we took to school this morning?? Well Daddy has been going that way all year now. You were just so excited- I didn't want to spoil it for you." She didn't want to spoil it for me.... so you see I can use all of the above mentioned pleasantries any ole' time I want! I love her!!!! Beth taught us that it is "tough being a woman", but she also reminded me that it is an honor & a privilege!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So last night @ bath-time I noticed this atrocious site:

Please DO NOT call DSF on us (ha ha) they proudly boast these pitiful leg injuries from bike rides, swimming accidents, just walking OT-O's, & mostly running after each other on the driveway boo boo's!!!! In any case- they are sure to look even worse than this before the summer is over.... Dr Boals (our ped.) always dies laughing @ me because I am very forth coming with their injuries- I feel like if I point them out, he will be less likely to think that I in some way am causing them harm??? YIKES!!!!!!!!

p.s. What do you say to a child who doesn't want to participate in field day???? I know a certain brother that would gladly take her place!

Monday, May 24, 2010

"farewell Sweet Catherine..."

Yesterday Priss & I attended a Tea Party to say goodbye to her precious ballet teacher Miss Catherine (she has been guest teaching with our ballet company from England this past year)! She is both beautiful on the inside & out. We will miss her desperately, but I know that her "mum" (as she calls her) will be very glad to see her sweet face! We wish her the very best!!! I couldn't help cry (surprise surprise- ha ha) when all the girls climbed up into her lap for hugs @ the end....

~Priss & Megamy~
taking time out from the yummy tea & goodies to "cheese it up". They have become fast friends this year- and soon they will be graduating from Sapphires to Rubies!!!

in other news.... my sofa is here!!!!!!!! I have to make some pillows to try to better marry her with the rest of the house??? But for now- we are just enjoying her & all the cushy comfy snuggling that comes along with her!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"my little answered prayer..."

"God loves me yes I no for the bible tels me so little ones ooh can be herd they are week but he is strong yes jesus loves me yes jesus loves me yes jesus loves me for the bible tells me so!"

(I copied this from 1 of Prissy's prayer journals. I'm going to tell her one day the story of how I prayed for God to give me a child & how the whole time I was carrying her- I prayed for God to give her a sweet spirit, & how He did- far better than I could have imagined.... & then how I praised God for her life everyday of mine!!!!!)



Monday, May 17, 2010

"my dear sweet little blog,"

i have missed you so.... now that school & ballet & music class are winding down for the year- i promise to have more time to fill you in on all the harris happenings! and.... i have lost my camera- so sad! maybe my precious, so understanding husband (who never does anything quite so careless- jk...) will take pity on me & get me another??? then i can share some pics with you too! that is at least until summer gets busy with beach trips & family visits & piano lessons & swim lessons... but for now i must show you my newest little find-

i stumbled upon the greatest little store downtown (during ballet when i was suppose to be @ the market) called the "junk mistress". i think that i'm 1/2 gypsy sometimes because when i see a junk store i have no choice but to check it out. i loved it from the minute i saw the sign. anyways inside i saw several "must haves" @ the prices are awesome!

i got this (already painted- be still my heart) armoire on sale for around $100. it was l-o-v-e @ first sight! i put her in the living room for now, but she would look fantastic in any room (or at least that is what i told joey when i was trying to sell him on her). now i just need help arranging the accessories inside? help me catherine- what should i change????

p.s. i also took the plunge a few weeks ago & actually ordered a "new" sofa (our current one is a hand-me-down that i had re-upholstered). i went with... yes you guessed it white. it is slip-covered so i think it will be fine with the little mess makers & the bleach pen is already a harris favorite around here! it should be in soon- i can't wait to show ya'll!!!!

(picture this in white- it only took 7 years of begging & 2 years of saving- ha ha ha)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"our newest member of the family..."

We are home & back in the saddle again. A lot is going on & we are busy BUSY! Here are a few high lights drum roll please.........

this is my newest grand-daughter-doll
(Josey has been saving for her for months- she went to 1st grade this morning with her momma)

and here is a pic from Josey's class field trip to the NC Zoo
~Priss, Samie, & Sabella~
(it starting pouring rain & we went home early. A-man just kept asking where all the "aminals" were all day long?)

this is one of my favorite pics from Cooner & Papaw's visit...
This is A-man "giving up the fight" in the arms of one of his favorite guys!!!
(They played outside EVERY morning from the time Priss left for school until time to come inside for lunch- hurry back Papaw!!!!!!)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

"happy mother's day"

today is mother's day.
i'm not sure if i could possibly put into words what cooner means to me...to our family, but i'll sure try.
she's the glue that holds us all together.
our rock.
she is kind...really, really kind hearted.
she's a peace maker and a peace keeper. you know, she's the opposite of a trouble maker.
she loves people exactly where they are at..
she's not judgemental.
my brother would die for this woman. literally. he adores her.
my husband loves her too..which says enough, right? she's a really good mother-in-law.
my dad is genuinely thankful for her and how she has loved him.
she has always been a hard worker.
she should have written a book on being a homemaker.
growing up, our home was warm and welcoming.- the kind that all my friends wanted to be at...
our meals were homemade and southern...very, very southern.
she made the best lunches for me..the kind that made every other kids at school want her to be their mom.
my friends all wanted to hang out at our house because she made sure we had the best snacks & crafts.
when i had priss and i cried to her because she wouldn't follow the exact schedule that a certain book told me she should be following, she told me to burn the book and rock her to sleep.
she sends my kiddos presents for every.single.holiday.
and for no reason @ all.
she's taught me everything i ever need to know about cooking.
about cleaning.
about playing with my kiddos.
about being a good friend.
about listening.
about love in a marriage being a daily decision.
she let me tuck all my dolls into bed with me each night, and i had about 391 of them!
when i wrote my boyfriend's name all over my closet doors with markers in the 6th grade, she didn't kill me.
she is a really strong woman.
strong with a super gentle spirit.
she's exactly who i wanted to grow up and be just like.
happy mother's day cooner.

i love you...

and let me also say-
god has given me a wonderful mother-in-law too. how blessed i am among this company of women in my life!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"gone but not forgotten..."

My father-in-law went home to be with Jesus this morning. The boys were all @ his side & I know that he is so proud of them and the men that they have become. I wish that my children could have really gotten to know him before the Alzheimer's began & understand that he is part of the reason that their daddy is so precious! My very first memory of Jim Harris was about 12 yrs ago (when Joey & I started dating). I came into his house & told him that "I loved all of the beautiful glass door knobs". Before I could sit down he was out in the garage getting a screw driver to take every last one off & give them to me (this was just the man he was). I will never forget his sweet gestures & asking me if I needed anything while he was out "rummaging" every Saturday (by the way- he furnished us with our 1st drill- that we still have, our 1st mower-that we still have, our 1st vacuum, & my bike that thanks to Priss I am riding much more these days. He was always quick to change the oil in my car when I would come to visit & slip Joey a $20 to take me out.... for these things and SO many more he will never be forgotten.....

(this is the picture that Priss made for him yesterday)

Monday, May 03, 2010

"hello again..."

well.... we made it through the recital (she was the MOST precious little green frog that ya'll have ever seen)- I promise you can ask anyone!!!! I did manage to fix 10 little heads of hair into ballet buns, do their complete make-up, organize snacks, re-sew an almost ruined tutu for Grace, & actually paint my toe-nails the day of the recital.... but my camera would NOT work. O-ya & I had a tag sale with 2 other girlfriends on the morning of- YIKES!!!!!!!

(thank you Lexi for taking this with my phone)

p.s. please keep the Harris family in your prayers- my father-in-law is nearing the end of his fight with Alzheimer's & words cannot convey the sadness that comes with it..... Please pray for the peace that only God can give to Jeff, Jamie, & Joey. I praise GOD for saving Jim & I know that he is going to be waiting for us all in heaven one day!