Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"a little fall break..."

Today A-man & I are finishing up these walk-athon flags for Prissy's school {was it you Ashley D. that said not to make them so pretty last year- they will ask you to do it again??- ha ha ha!} NO I love to help anyway I can with our school. It really is my pleasure & ya'll know any excuse I have to use the old glue gun is a good day for me!!!! Anyway after this we are packing up & getting ready to head home to Indiana for a few days {we had so much fun last year that we're headed back for the Apple Festival again}. I can't believe that I never missed it for 18 yrs, then didn't go for 12 years, and now I'm back to not wanting to miss it again??? I guess you can take the girl out of the "scrambler" but you can't take the "scrambler" out of the girl!!!! Also Cooner & the Aunts are planning the first Hord Family Reunion since my grandfather passed away... I can't wait to see some of my cousins that I haven't seen since my wedding. And did I mention that my parents are hosting it in their back yard, we will be sitting on couches made of straw bales with cozy old quilts, drinking fresh lemonade out of mason jars, & that my Aunts happen to be 3 of the BEST cooks that I know- YUMMY YUMMY!!!! So gotta run & get things settled around here. I'll see ya'll back here next week- {hopefully with some fun finds & at least 5 lbs of good Cooner cooking!!!!!!}

Friday, September 24, 2010

"a little LADY A"

Last night Jenny & I threw caution to the wind {AKA left our little boys home with our BIG boys} and took our girls to see.... "Lady Antebellum". The girls love them & so do we!!! So we put on our jean skirts & boots... and hit the road. I think the pre-concert in the car- with the trio in the back- was one of my favorite things of the night {Lady A would have been proud}!!! I love concerts & getting to share it with super fun friends like these girls... well that's just bonus!!! Here are some pics from our night...

~Prissy & Mazy~
{in the little shirts that I made for the concert}

{the girls getting down in their boots & glow bracelets!!}

~Prissy & Me~
{after it was all said & done... we we're pooped!!}

and.. cause I think these are so darned cute that I had to share them too...

{Prissy & Mazy made these balloon animals this week @ a play date}

Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Harris Hauntings..."

Well... I'm done with our Spooky decor! I've had the same orange pumpkins, Fall wreath, & mantel decor since Cooner made them for me- 6 yrs ago. Needless-to-say... I was ready for a change. And... since I can never have enough white.... guess what color all of my gourds & pumpkins are now??? YES WHITE- I never knew how gratifying a can of spray paint could be!!! Here's a little peek....

{these little guys... they will ALWAYS be a part of the decor- they make me miss Cooner. She still makes hers every year too. Click here to see how to make them!!}

{this was brown 1 day ago... BLACK suits her so much more!}

{this black feather wreath is the only new thing I added this year. She came from Michael's & I think she gives the mantel a little pizazz!!}

{here is the little tray of treats that I put together... see I told ya'll I painted all the pumpkins white- straight down to the little guys!}

{and of course I added a few spiders here & there...}

{and what would a SpOoKy house be without a bird & a cage? I found this little guy @ Dollar Tree & the cage I brought out from the dining room- she's from the Maxx!}

{these little foam pumpkins are this year's FAVORITES of the kiddos- they change these disguises daily from our Mr. Potato Head set! I LOVED this idea from last year so much, we decided to make it a tradition, but I much prefer these foam guys over the real thing!!}

{more gourds & pumpkins... with a few little roaches- ha ha. I know this gives me the Hebe-Jeeves too, but 'tis the season!!}

now... if we could just get some cooler weather to go along with our pumpkins!!!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

"old turned new..."

Okay- I've got a ba-zillion things to get done this week, but I want to show you the chairs I FINALLY finished 2 weeks ago....

Here they are {twin sister chairs- I really don't know what it is with me & pronouns when it comes to objects, but I ALWAYS do it- just go with it! Cooner bought them for me years ago for next to nothing. I almost forgot to take a before picture... I just get so excited about white that I completely forget myself!}

Now here is one of the sisters after...

{I adore this ticking fabric- for some reason it looks French to me!}

Now I just want to get a bench for the other side of the table... THEN we can finally have company & they can choose their own seat @ the table- ha ha. I always pull out chairs for our guests- I think they think it's sweet, but the truth is- the 2 antique brothers that you see on the other side are a bit scary to sit in!!!

Now I'm off to finish up our
Fall decorations....
wish we luck!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"now ya see it..."

Now Ya Don't... Part 2
Do ya'll remember the little nightstand that I got for $5.00 {don't hate me- ha ha}? Let me refresh your minds if ya don't:

{this is her- a little sad & begging for some white makeup...}

{and here she is after Joey got through with her- don't worry, she didn't feel a thing!}

and... I found this old Atlas from 1999 & lined her drawers with it- so fun & best of all- $FREE$.

p.s. Joey ordered a paint sprayer for me.... just wait 'til I get my hands on that little puppy!!! {Now no piece of furniture is safe- ha ha.}

Monday, September 13, 2010

"now ya see it...

now ya don't!" this week I'll be sharing a few little before & afters that I've been working on over that last 2 weeks {or should I say Joey?}.

When I was on bed rest.... I would lay in bed and decorate, then re-decorate, arrange, then re-arrange furniture in my bedroom @ least a 1,000 times a day in my head. But the one thing that I said I would do as soon as I could was this:

{do you see the 50 different cords coming out from the TV, the yucky back splash- with vent holes (and one giant hole that you can't see from this angle), the messy books (my husband is reading 5 different books @ least @ 1 time), the frosted plastic magazine holder (oh wait you can't see that for the beautiful kleenex box) & the tin box/flower pot FULL of remotes & cords that you have to dump out to find anything {this pleases Joey the most- ha ha}.

This may not look like a huge difference, but I assure you it IS!!! The doors are sometimes rarely ever closed to the armoire so if it is a mess- the entire room looks a mess! I used some scrapbook paper as wallpaper {the palest of pinks of course} to cover the holes & the scratches behind the TV. Next I used a few little organizers to hold the magazines & remotes {Joey actually commented that he "liked" it- which is HUGE}. And... I did buy one new thing- I couldn't resist the little bird bead-tree {and the Lord knows I have enough to fill another one...}

Sunday, September 12, 2010


THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! to my sweet friends that came to the thirty-0ne party {and to the ones that ordered & didn't get to come}. It was fun just getting together & ya'll know that I love to throw parties!!! Here are some pics {however in promising NOT to take pics of Clarke- I didn't get any of you other gals either...}. I will take some of the bags that I ordered when they come in! {I can't wait to go back to the beach & show them off + I got some great teacher gifts!!!}

{yummy Lemonade with blueberries & lemons and the "H" cups were a big hit with the girls too}

...and cause I love extra touches-
I found this little cutie @ a consignment shop for next to nothing. She was suppose to be for business cards, but I {heart} her so much more sprayed cream & fixed with a little chalk-board-painted piece of cardboard! Don't you?

~Dessert tower~

and... this is my new-found free-fun-find, @ Lowe's you can get all of the scrap wood pieces that you can carry for $FREE$ {and my kiddos can carry quite a bit} this was the perfect little project for them while I got ready for my guests!!

p.s. tomorrow I'm headed to my friend Amy's house to finalize her nursery plans that we've been working on- she is using some of the same fabrics from Prissy's room & it is starting to look beautiful!! I hope that Abbey Jo loves it as much as we do!!! {I'll share some pics with you soon}

Friday, September 10, 2010

"there's a party going on...

at my house tonight!!!! I'm hosting a thirty-one party for my girlfriend that just started selling it. They are super fun bags, purses, lunch bags, coolers, beach bags, aprons, & any other thing that you could think of to monogram- now ya know I'm on board {ha ha ha}. Anyway... I making this, this, this, & this {you can check out the recipes by clinking}.

I mean really... how cute is this stuff???

Hope to see some of you tonight!!!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"practically perfect...

in EVERY way..." that is the best way to describe our night in the city!!! Prissy & I felt like the belles of the ball from the minute the boys dropped us off at the door. We sat {very anxiously} in the foyer & listened to all the "show tunes" from other musicals that we knew by heart- only occasionally belting out a chorus or 6... She was wide-eyed @ all of the fancy dresses & black tuxedos I just sat & took her all in {I so love seeing things through her eyes}. When the doors opened we were pleasantly surprised to find that Joey had gotten us 2nd row.. 2nd row seats. The show began with "Cherry tree Lane" and ended with Mary Poppins flying up in the theatre & everyone waiving @ her {I guess I don't need to tell you that I cried.. I didn't think so- ha ha}. It was in her words "awesome" & I couldn't have said it better myself. We sat beside a gentleman & his grown daughter- he told us of all the shows that they had gone to together over the years, and how she was 7 when they began their tradition. I can't wait until our next date already!!!

...this is us @ intermission-
Priss was just beside herself to get back to our seats- she didn't want to miss anything!!
{sorry the pic isn't very clear- it's from my phone}

...and this us in our matching
"Practically Perfect" t-shirts
{I think they look Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!}

Thursday, September 02, 2010

"just a spoon full of sugar...

...helps the medicine go down!" YES we are all about Mary Poppins these days, as we are headed into the city this weekend for the Broadway production of MARY POPPINS!!!!!! My darling husband got Prissy & I tickets.. and I can't think of another little face that I'd want to share it with? Well.. I guess I can think of another little face, but he & his daddy will be living it up @ the hotel pool so I think he'll be just fine.

and speaking of that little face...
here are the pics from yesterday's "red day" @ A-mans school!

~Mrs. Fisher & A-man~
{he loves her... and I'm glad... I think??}

~A-man & his new buddy Ethan~
{Ethan is in Ashton's words "a good guy"}

Have a great weekend!!!

"thought you might..."

want one of these little PINK lamps that I snagged @ Lowe's today {they are marked down to $6.47 from $37.99}! I didn't think that I could love this little room anymore... I was wrong:)

husbands... I know you love me for making you go broke from saving ALL of this money- ha ha ha!!!!!!

p.s. I have to write this down or I'll forget it... This week during bible-time Joey asked us "if we were ever envious?" Prissy {very quiet & us waiting for her answer says "well I guess I'd have to know what that meant first."- {I heart her, especially when she acts like she's 7!!}. Joey explained what is was to be envious & then she without a flitter of her eye winkers said "NO, I'm pretty happy just being me right now..."