Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Psalm 23"

Does anyone else feel like they are being taught the bigger lessons in life by their children??? I swear Josey Faith is my most respected mentor right now. She is studying Psalm 23 for school & every night we are adding a new verse to memorize. So last night she says "Momma, what do you think that God means when He leads us beside the quiet water & He makes us lie down in green pastures?" "Well Priss- you know I have read that tons of times & I don't know if I have really ever thought about it." "You mean you read the bible & you don't think about it?" she said. "NO- I think about it, I just don't really study it a lot I guess" I said kinda trying to pass off my lack of theology knowledge. "Well let's read it again, this time you need to think about it a little more OK Momma?" she said very seriously & patiently.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for His names' sake."

I must tell you that after reading then re-reading this I realized how wrong that I had been. God gives us His word to encourage us, to provide for us, & to save us. He wants us to meditate on it- how can we meditate on it if we do not understand it? Take the advice from Priss- read it again. God can communicate what He wants you to get out of the passage- DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!

Priss all ready for school-
She even looks adorable
in a uniform- I mean really how
many people can say that?

don't forget to pray for your childrens teachers. They are doing such an awesome work in our little ones! Josey comes home & plays school- I can almost hear Mrs. Proulx & Mrs. Royal through her. It is such a blessing to know that they are instilling Jesus in her too. I pray that God generously pours out his blessings on them & their families!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"take a time-out"

I had one of those moments last night! You know the ones where you stop & realize that you are living in "the good ol' days". Cooner used to tell me stories of her childhood, and I wished so badly to live way back then. Well... we are!!! My kiddos are growing up so fast. I want them to remember their good ol' days & how much their Momma loved them!!!!!!!

this is A-man feeding his little frog.
He sleeps with this precious thing EVERY night!!
If Joey
or I forget to put him in the crib-
we are quickly reminded & he takes
his place tucked under Ashton's
right arm ALL night long...

this is a sweet memory of
the two of them very
intently watching a movie
together. They really get along
very well- we are very blessed!!

I had to add another snap
shot of the little ballerina.
Did I mention that she
did beautifully????
SHE DID!!!!!

take some great advice from me & take a time-out today. Sit & watch them play, listen to them read to their dolls, watch as they build a giant castle with cars. You will be glad that you did- I promise!!!!!!! Someday- many "sleeps" (our reference to time) from now, they will want to hear all about these days. So until then- I want to make the most of today.....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"July 4th fun"

My little princess L-O-V-E-S flip-flops, so I decided to trick some out. I know that the 4th of July seems far away, but it will be here before I know it. They turned out so cute that I had to share. SOOO without further delay- get your glue guns ready & your oven pre-heated to 200 degrees????
(I forget what # we are on in my craft series)

July 4th Flip-Flops

this is what you need:
flip-flops of course (mine are
from the dollar tree), ribbon
(red, white, & blue) a 1/4 inch
dowel rod & your glue gun.

pre-heat your oven
to 200 degrees. wrap the
ribbon around a dowel rod (taping
each end) & bake for 15 min.

after you finish rolling, baking,
& removing your ribbon curls-
cut them into equal parts &
finish the ends with fray-check.

make your base bow with a
larger ribbon (I chose a
flag & it looks great with
the other little ones)
Next add the ribbon curls
to the base bow then tie
on with a small piece of ribbon.
finally hot glue the back to
finish it up!!!

TA DA!!!
these will look precious
with a sweet sundress
during the fireworks
(I of course made a matching
hair-bow too- I can't
help it, it's who I am!!)

p.s.- it doesn't have to be July 4th to sport your red, white, & blue. I'm sure that Priss will have these babies broken in before the week is done. We all need to show support for our Country everyday!!!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in a family of Veterans where I learned to respect the flag & what it stands for (The Star Spangle Banner- always makes me cry)! We have lots of military friends currently deployed or will soon be. I pray a prayer of safety over them & their families. May we be quick to answer their call for help if they need ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

"almost famous??"

well not really famous, but my little hair clips are going retail!!!!! I once thought that my elation of seeing my little clothes that I made hanging in a consignment store window could not be topped... I was WRONG!!!! My sweet friend Mel bought my clips & is going to sell them in her store. I am so excited!!! Thanks to Cooner & Jenny for encouraging me to start my "by Ashly" business... who knew that someone else would like them too???

check out her store:
she has the cutest things
for kiddos- we love her stuff!!!

I have to show you a picture of Josey on spirit-day @ school. She was sooo proud of her teams colors!!!

(it's funny I think that Joey & I are more proud of I.U. now, then when we were in school??)

P.S. my not so little anymore nephew Tyler just got his driving license.... please keep him in your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

"my prima ballerina"

We (heart) ballet @ Harris house & it is recital time again.... Cooner & Daddy were able to see Priss in ALL of her glory. She looked precious & all the little ladies did an awesome job. I pray that my little ballerina remembers these moments; how small she was, how big she acted, & how fast the moments are passing by....

hair & make-up are
for my
little ballerina!!

ready for the tutu, but taking time to
strike a pose
before the show..

ready.. set.. cheese!!!!!
(Josey, Lacy, Holly, & Bella)
hanging out backstage before
the big appearance...

when the curtain opened..
this is what I saw!!!
I could hardly see for
the tears- isn't she darling??
she was in Papaw's words
"the show stopper"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"dear husband"

dear husband-

this is all your fault
you know i have an addiction.
yet you sleep.

i thought we agreed you wouldn't fall asleep until you knew that i was asleep, or strong enough to resist the temptation.

now look what you did...

after the hours had past and the night halfway over, i made sure you were sound asleep, and very quietly tip toed into bed. then in the morning when you asked what time i went to bed i lied.

please someone help me from myself!

p.s.- Cooner has talked me into starting a little "by Ashly" business??? She is taking these little jewels back to IN to sell.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"& then he was 2"

well.... with a heavy heart I can now say... my little baby is 2. He had a great party with his buddies over the weekend & a super fun family party last night!!!! 2 seems very big to me, but I can still see his little face looking up @ me from the NICU. God has brought him sooo far & I know that He has an awesome calling over his life. I praise God for my little A-man- for he is a handsome addition to our little family!!!

we partied @ the club house..
Where it was cars-cars-cars.

We raced cars, painted cars, colored
cars, wrecked cars, drew cars, &
we even ate cars!!!!

A-man loved the racing-
but most of all he loved
having his Daddy back..

We had concession stand food:
nachos, hot dogs, soft pretzels,
popcorn, coney-dogs, & chips.

of course we served up
cup-cakes (a favorite of my
little race fan)- we also had
race-car shaped brownies &
stop light cookies- these
were the biggest hit!!
(I almost didn't get a pic of them)

the girls really got into
the car crafts- the boys
really got into the car eats...
(each table was set-up with
a different activity- something
for everyone!!!!!)

it was a VERY successful
race day- everyone
got to stroll down "Victory Lane"
@ Harris Speedway-
where medals & trophies
were given out for ALL
the great sportsmanship!!!

Josey & Ashton
sported little matching
"#2" & "#5"
t-shirts. They looked so precious
& were the perfect hostesses!!!

this is the big birthday boy
sharing cake with the
little birthday boy
@ our family party!!!

my 2 guys just loving being together..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Adam & Even"

I had to share this little clip from last summer. Joey had asked Priss to tell him her favorite bible story. The story of Adam & Eve from a 4 yr old.......

I mean really- now can you begin to understand how much I love this child??
now multiply that X 1000


2 yrs ago today I helped
God with my second little miracle..

Monday, April 20, 2009

"2 sweet Spirits"

I had to show you 2 of my favorite
wearing my little hair clips..
Aren't they precious?

I want to take a minute to say THANK you to my sweet friend Jenny (momma to Hannah Mae-above with Priss). She is such a breath of fresh air to me as well as to my Priss. Josey said to me today "Momma Miss Jenny is a really good Momma just like you." "Yes she is Precious, her children are very blessed to have her" I replied. "Yes Mam & we are blessed too right, cause Jesus gave her to us too right?" "Absolutely", I agreed. I love the sweet, pure, innocent truth that children speak. They are very quick to compliment others- I wish we all thought like they do!!

PRAISE GOD- Joey is home safe & sound. He is a little under the weather though??? I think his american stomach got accustomed to GOAT meat in Haiti....
The Party was a HUGE success- I will post about it when we get put back together. Be blessed!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

"start your engines!"

Alright now ONLY 2 more sleeps til Joey comes home & Ashton's big #2. My house is party central (just like always before a birthday around here). I L-O-V-E birthdays!!! I think that it is your 1 special day all year- so I take it really serious. My kiddos love parties like their Momma & my Joey loves it too. I have much to do in a little time so here is a sneak peak into A-man's car party. I can't wait to see his little face when the party finally comes together. Stay tuned for the big un-veil.

my poor sewing room has been
reduced to storage

(don't worry- I will craft
with you again soon)

my poor dining room is no longer
for eating..
(Ashton can hardly stand
himself around all these cars)

Cooner & Priss
for all the great help.
Ashton thanks you too!!!

please continue to keep Joey lifted up in your prayers for a safe trip home. Thanks so much for your prayers- God is good & his trip has been so successful!!!!