Monday, December 28, 2009

"more Dec. stuff..."

I can't believe that it will be 2010 this week- YIKES!!! We have had SO many fun things to do this month- here are a few that I didn't tell ya about & few worth repeating...

We went to Sami Grace's 6th birthday & of course Lucy Danyell was invited too..

The girls painted ornaments & had a ball- so FUN!!!

My scrap ribbon box is now nearly empty thanks to these little boogers! I think that we have no kidding made about 100 of them- but they are super cute & how could I say NO to this little face???

Have ya'll seen these yet?? Cooner & Papaw sent these I-spy/find it games for the children for Christmas. You shake & shake until you find all of the missing items- so fun but ADDICTING!!!

We went to several parties/events together as a family this year including the Christmas Eve service- Josey has found a new passion for photography... she is getting better- at least this one has some of her daddy in it!! The others looked like pictures of just me- ha!

We've done a WHOLE lot of eating/baking, but this stuff is sinful! If ya'll haven't tried our Harris banana bread (without oil or butter) get to it!!!! You will NOT be disappointed!

Josey has taken to her new sewing machine beautifully!! These are 2 of her latest creations- matching pillows for her & Lucy Danyell. I think an etsy shop may be in her near future...

and.. gone are the days of using my mop bucket as a drum! Ashton now has his own set that can be thankfully lowered in volume very very quickly!!!! He adores them & I wish that you could see him playing- he is a natural!!!!

and... although that tree is all tucked away until next year, I can't bring myself to erase the Dec. message from our chalk board!!! Thank You Jesus for blessing us so richly in 2009- you are our greatest treasure!!!!!!!!

p.s. I'm taking a blog holiday for the rest of the week with the kiddos, but I will have a whole lot of Harris news for ya'll next week. Be blessed!

Friday, December 25, 2009

"Happy Birthday Jesus!"

... the cake was for Him with EXTRA sprinkles in the icing for Priss & A-man...

...with the entire cast of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer for Joey...
it has been a perfect day!

~Merry Christmas~
Joey, Me, Josey, & Ashton!

p.s. snuggle up today & read the story of baby Jesus with your family... it is a great tradition to start anytime of year!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"only 1 more sleep..."

(don't ya love this pic taken right when the doorbell rang...)
Well.... our group party was a HUGE success! The children played with only mild injuries occurring including a giant goose egg/black eye for the A-man! He was a super brave sport about it though. He just kept saying "I not mad.. I not mad"?? I didn't get the whole story, but he loves those older boys so much that he didn't want to lose face & cry on his Momma's lap- he just showed me & went on.... The appetizers were very popular- ya'll have to try my friend Lauran's brother Scott's dip- YUMM-O!!!

combine 1 8oz cream cheese, 1 16 oz sour cream, 2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, 3 oz bacon crumbled. Bake @ 400 for 20 minutes & serve it up with crusty bread!!! Your guests will LOVE it & it can be done @ the very last second (trust me- ha ha)...

We also made 1 more little snowman for the season- he was pretty cute, but he melted away very quickly too... (He makes me miss Cooner- she makes these little guys by the dozens every year..)

Our family has a few Christmas traditions: #1 we exchange ONLY 3 gifts because we want our children to see us giving 3 like the wise men did for baby Jesus, #2 we always adopt a family in need (usually with children) so that our children can help choose gifts for them, #3 we bake a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve & eat it for breakfast on Christmas morning, &#4 Joey reads the story of baby Jesus to us during our party- this is my FAVORITE because Josey now chimes in with verses & narrates right along with him! Well.. I got to get baking... "Only 1 more sleep Momma" has been said around this house more than once this morning.. (that is how she has equated time since she was 2.. I LIKE her....)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"a little of this & that.."

Sooo this morning has been a bit of a whirl-wind- although I do LOVE entertaining. We are hosting group tonight & I want to make it a little special (since a certain pretty important guy's birthday is in 2 days & we have a BIG reason for celebration). Cooner always taught me that your table should be a gift to your company! So.. I thought of making it look like a present. I had to settle for this ribbon because #1. my other Christmas trimmings are in the attic & I promised my MIL that I would not got up there again without another "tall" person present.. & #2. my most accessible "tall" person is on call & won't be home until the other guests arrive.... Anyway I think that it turned out pretty. On a side note- YES the glasses & silverware have finger smudges- I had A LOT of help & I wouldn't want it any other way! They are very excited about tonight as well!!!

Prissy & I transformed the last of our custom travel mugs worthy of any "Jedi Knight". I hope that JP, Luke, Noah, & Ashton enjoy them!

Desserts will be simple & delicious! We are serving poppy seed/lemon bread, Apple Bread, triple-choc-chip cookies, Christmas candy, & some super festive reindeer & gingerbread cookies from the bakery (yes I do cut corners too)...

I FINALLY found crock pot liners- these little guys are hard to find here in NC, but the Harris gang swears by them & I'm all for an easy clean up... I can't wait to get into this ham- my house is smelling yummy yummy!!!

This picture cracks me up- I looked down & my "mini me" had gone up & put on black tights too. Then Ashton ran & got us each our matching slippers- PRECIOUS!!!!!

p.s. PLEASE pray for my nephew Tyler- he is having surgery on his ear this morning. Pray that it goes well & that they find the problem & are able to correct it!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"a lovely afternoon tea..."

We are just now back from a super fun "Mommy & Me" American Girl doll tea party. Sabella & her doll Samantha hosted the very much anticipated & super fancy affair. Ashton & I went in the hopes of dropping off, but there was enough fun for us too!!! Here are some pictures from our day...

~Josey & Lucy Danyell~
all ready to go!

Ashton wanted in on the pics too-
he was quite the little dapper fellow himself!

Priss after being seated- trying to decide on a tea???

The guests:
Sabella, Josey, Reagan, Brooklyn, Sami Grace, Hannah Mae, & Anna

The Mommas:
Me, Ashley, Jenny, & Kristin
(it was so precious to watch all the fun @ the next table..)

...and just when I thought things couldn't get fancier-
they brought Ashton a little fireman tea cup & saucer. He was over the moon holding on to it for dear life (that was a blessing in itself- that little cup had NO idea that it's delicate life was in the hands of a boy who breaks things VERY easily...)

Prissy finishing up her 3rd cup of very berry tea...
...good to the very last drop- s0 fun!!! THANK YOU
Sabella, Kristin, & Samantha for a great tea party!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

"YEAH- we are on break..."

Well.. Christmas break has officially began! We went into the city after church yesterday & finished up ALL of our last minute stuff- hooray!!! I just have some wrapping, baking, laundry, cleaning, & thank yous to write today- wait a minute... I NEVER really get a break! But... I do have my Priss home & that is good enough for me. A-man is happier than a little clam with his Priss by his side. We may NEVER let her go back to school again???
Here are a few pics from her class party on Friday- enjoy!!!

This is Ashton ready to go decorate the classroom for the party- 2 hrs before we left. He insisted on wearing his "pack-ack" like Priss...

Priss dipping into the plethora of goodies @ the party... She did however get apple slices & carrots (without being asked). I wasn't going to prompt her- I wanted to see if she would choose wisely by herself- yeah for you Priss!!!

I wish that I could say the same for the A-man. Once he spotted the chips & cookies- he had to be "gently persuaded" to gobble up a carrot or 2. I love this picture of Ashton & William taking it all in... with some cheetos! They were the perfect little-brother-helpers!!!

Mrs. White snapped this quick picture of the "Happy Birthday Jesus" banner. The children were SO surprised when they came in & saw the classroom. The politely thanked me- although being called Mrs. Harris still seems strange? Prissy's friends usually call me Ms. Ashly. I felt like a real grown-up... funny funny!!

~My Priss & Me~
I am so thankful to get to do these things with her!!!

Priss & Hannah Mae with their new books from the book exchange. I LOVE the book that Priss got- "The Princess & the 3 Knights" by Karen Kingsbury. PLEASE get this book for your children. It has the best story & the pictures are beautiful. I read it to the children 3 times when we got home. It is PRECIOUS!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

"FAB for FREE..."

O-kay this is my new FAVORITE accessory (and anyone that knows me knows that is huge). It is super sassy & didn't cost a penny... Do ya'll remember my post about Anthropologie pins (I heart them)? Well this little number is similar, but way WAY easier!

All that you need is:
thread & needle, scissors, & fabric (I used an old Good Will coat- turned pilgrim skirt for Priss from her school play- turned FLOWER...

First cut the fabric into petals (I wanted mine really full- so I used about 15) varying sizes depending on how big you want yours? Next layer them (I used some of the silk lining too- it makes it have more depth) until you like what you see...

pin it together & hand stitch the entire flower together...

pinch it in the middle & hand stitch across..

do the same in the other direction...

I LOVE this little booger- ya'll will be seeing this A LOT so get used to it!!! It would also make a great gift for teachers or other super sassy gals.
Now go... get cutting!

(I wore it to Josey's Christmas program last night- I told ya'll you'd be seeing it A LOT)!!! The program was precious- Priss was quite the little performer doing ALL of the motions that I've seen around here the last few weeks. A-man made friends with a little girl & shared his cars (although when she took 1 to show her mother, he followed VERY close by to retrieve it... Joey cracked up watching him "mother" his little treasures.

p.s. A-man & I are headed out to Josey's school this morning. While they are watching the Nutcracker- we will be busy decorating the classroom to surprise them for their Christmas party. I hope the children enjoy the fun we have in store for them (ya'll know that there will be a craft involved- ha ha ha)... Ashton has been waiting to see what is in the bags for weeks now!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"what they'd say about me..."

My husband would say I'm a little hottie (he's sweet like that), my youngest child would say "I NO wres", but I make yum yum cakes (translation= I don't wrestle, but I apparently make yummy pancakes) , my oldest child would say I can make all things fancy (or die trying- ha ha), my Cooner would say I go @ things 100% or not @ all, my friends would say I'm the one they go to for help or recipes, my hair stylist would say I'm definitely going gray, my running shoes would say that working out is NOT a priority (although I know it should be!), my house would say I'm ALWAYS doing something, & my God would say I'm his child and he adores me. His voice is the one I'm striving to listen to the most.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving kindness."
Jeremiah 31:3

because she made this for me...
I made these for her (& him)!