Thursday, January 27, 2011

",,, and then the flu came"

Well.... last night after bath-time I noticed my little A-man had goose bumps all over him, but he was burning up???? So we made a trip to the Ped's office only to hear "FLU"...... Poor us!!!! So we have battened down the hatches {and watched every backyardigan episode EVER made}. This week has been almost more than I can handle- 1st with Prissy sick, then having to break it to the A-man that Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader {tears were shed & still come at times- poor little man} and now with the flu..... Our poor bed clothes are gonna be holey by the time this thing is over.... I have a terrible case of "caregiver-itis" but I do love him letting me hold him like when he was a babe!!! Hope y'all are washing your hands regularly {sorry it's the nurse in me} and staying hydrated {sorry that was the Cooner in me}. We are laying around and....... 1 of us is planning a room re-do in the very NEAR future.... stay tuned!!!!


p.s. I have been terrible at returning phone calls & e-mails this week- that just cuts into our Lego time too much.... please forgive me!!!!


p.s.s. I just picked up some of these for 25 cents a box on clearance.... Y'all get some too- cause we are gonna make some tasty treats next week with them!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"a riddle..."

How about a little riddle this morning.... What's red & pink & LYSOLed ALL over???? Do you give up??? ****** our house!!!!!!!! Yes after we finally got the Priss on the mend... the A-man is now a little sick dog. He is the most pitiful guy when he is sick {and like Joey he braves it well- ha ha ha}. Although not to worry.... he says that "he thinks that a dittle (little) Lego prize might make him better!" I think we might be underestimating his wooing powers???? Never-the-less I'm up for a Lego prize if he will eat....... And while he's napping in my bed {and I'm washing ALL the other bed clothes in the house AGAIN- this week!}... I'm doing a little V-day decorating........


p.s. Joey got me a new camera..... now I just need help operating the dang thing.... PLEASE help {Jodi, Tina, & Nicole}!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

{...eye candy}

i'm home in bed with a little sicky girl..... & while she watches "horseland" - i'm daydreaming about some eye candy in my head like this......

~my dream house~
{i don't even know where it is but i keep this picture in hopes that one day.... i dream of the sparest of spare rooms in the attic becoming my craft room and how it has 3 bedrooms all nestled together on the 1st floor with fire places in every one of them.... and it's delightful little library with books to the ceiling and one of those clever ladders that wheels all around them.... and... a big farm sink... that's all!!!! except that i'll be needing my joey and my kiddos to really make it a home for me... and perhaps some lilac bushes around the back porch too....}


this bed is wonderfully romantic isn't she??? cooner has a wonderful bed that reminds me of this one and we all love to sleep in it on our visits!!!


these bookshelves made from ordinary old guttering are totally precious and very functional. maybe i'll persuade daddy bud to put some of these up in a-man's room this spring???


and this.... well i love the dress and the castle is a given! it just makes me want to nestle back into bed with prissy and dream of pretty things.... good night all!!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

"a tutorial by A..."

So today I pieced together some new by "A" clips & thought y'all might enjoy a little tutorial. I think they are about 10% talent & about 90% patience.... {hence the fact that I love to make them @ night when I'm up ALL by myself- wink wink}.

the basic base clip:

here is all ya need:
clips, ribbon, glue gun, & lighter or fray check


it really only takes about 7 inches TOTAL of ribbon to cover the base clip


Next fray check both ends & dab a bit of glue on one end then start wrapping the clip {I like to start on the inside & work my way to the outside}...


Next add whatever you want or keep them simple with ribbon.
I {heart} rosettes & anything frilly. These little darlings are just a few of the ones I made for the spring line last night...


Hope this helps...
but I would still love to host a "hair clip party" one day! Anyone on board???

Friday, January 21, 2011

"play-dates & up-dates..."

So.... we have had a few things going on this week & the blog has gotten a bit neglected I feel- so sorry sweet friends!! NOT to worry though... I have much to show you for February- I promise. I can't head into the weekend without sharing some highlights from our week....

Priss hosted a little tea party with our neighbor Marissa {she too got a new AGD & they've been dying to get together}. I whipped up some tea cookies & finger sandwiches & the rest is history...

Then they were having so much fun.... that I begged Marissa's mommy to let her stay for dinner- only we were planning on having salmon {and I think my 2 kiddos are the only 2 in NC that were made to try it & now like it- whew!!!}. So... I made these for the girls instead!!!


And my A-man made me the sweetest little macaroni necklace for "N" week @ school. I loved it so much that I wore it all day {cause the look of pride on his face when he saw that I STILL had it on when he got up from his nap was PRICELESS}! And for all y'all Star Wars fans- he took Nute Gunray in for show & tell- he was almost as pleased as his daddy for coming up with the idea!!!


and I have had my eyes out for one of these Lego Star Wars clocks {since he spied one @ his buddy's house & has been talking about it ever since}. I sorta put the notion out of my mind when the boy's mom said it was $50.00. But yesterday I found one on clearance @ Wally for $9.00.... so guess who is getting one for his b-day - shhhh DON'T tell him!!!!!!!


and the Beth study "Believing God" is even better than I thought!! We have decided to take on the memory verse portion- which I think is wonderful. I have often thought that my head would be much more suitably filled with God's word than 80's song lyrics & random b-days of people who I met once???


Now- I'm off to play Star Wars Legos with my little man.... I think they might quickly becoming my 1 weakness....
Have a great weekend!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"some somethings..."

I read somewhere {around Christmas time- what can I say??? I see things & just sorta store them until I need them...} where you should put "proper thought" into what you give your children. Isn't this catchy???

#1. something they want
#2. something they need
#3. something to wear
#4. something to read...

I love this so much that I'm gonna institute it for their birthday's this year... Clever huh... a way to give them things that I want them to have?????


Today is the 1st day of my bible study- {I can't wait to see you ladies}!!!! We are starting this-

and it looks amazing. I skipped ahead into the homework {I know... you who know me well, know I'm nerdy like that! } & it looks wonderful too. Day 2 encourages you to- start seeking God through His word & spending time in prayer, at the same time asking Him or a hunger & thirst to seek Him diligently. So-let's just say- "I'm in"!!!!!! I'll keep y'all updated through the weeks. Have a blessed day!!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

"these are a few of my favorite things.."

I feel like Julie Andrews is right here with me while I'm posting this.... I {heart} her!!!! Today I'm overcome with God's goodness & grace. When I'm a wee smidgen wicked... and I must profess- these are NOT my prouder moments... He can reprimand me in such a way that both shames me & hugs me ALL @ once. I do so want to parent like him one day!!!!!!! But... I'm a work in progress- AMEN! I am thinking back on our weekend & how much I love being with my sweethearts. Here were a few of my favorite things.....


Did y'all know- that Lego flowers have wondrous healing power... My back feels so much better. Praise the Lord!!! Or maybe it was the little chunky fingers that have hugged me & prayed for me over the weekend. {I wish y'all could hear him pray- he always asks for Jesus to make him good first....}


and that NOTHING is more soothing than the sound of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" being played by your little one!!! Prissy started piano lessons last week.... and let's just say that I'm a tad proud!!!


or the sight of your baby boy spelling out his name ALL by himself & grinning from ear to ear when you act like it's the 1st time he's ever done it!!! {and I'll do it ALL over again the next time too..}


and the February issue of Martha.. {my 1 weakness}. O-how I love the Valentine's issue!!!! October & February issues have always been my favorites. So when I saw her @ the Market this weekend... I scooped her up!!!!


and your husband making you dinner after you've worked all day- {this is my very VERY favorite soup in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD} & him forgiving me when I was wrong... DEAD wrong- sorry babe!!!!!!


p.s. We had the "private parts" talk with A-man this weekend.... Afterwards in the most serious face he says "Can I touch my bottom?"......

Friday, January 14, 2011

"my list & my Lolly..."

I'm still working on my New Year's resolution list.... but I'm temped to scrap the whole darned thing & go with this....

and I don't know what made me think of it but.... I went lookin' for her today...

and I love her as much today as when I was little. Is it bad to hang on to such childish things? I did give her "Lolly"- that's her name, to Prissy when she was a babe. But when she started turning up under the bed & left in the car... I couldn't bare it- so I put her back in my hope chest....... What's a girl to do? Maybe I'll just hang on to her for a few more years!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

".... happy B-day Travis"

{proof that we are o-kay- some of us better than another..}
Well.... due to several missed phone calls, un-answered e-mails, missed texts {sorry- I'm still very slow to respond to those}, & lastly a frantic voicemail from Cooner- let me put your concerns to rest!!! I am alright!!! I have in the midst of the usual house chores, baking frenzy {due to the 3 snow days NO doubt}, playing in the snow, cleaning up after the "playing in the snow", making the most of the "can't go anywhere because of the snow", & the countless hours of Lego play with an occasional piano recital {or 10} around here.... managed to hurt my back. I hate the term that your back is "out" but I guess that is what I must say.... Mine is OUT!!! and I desperately need her back.... However I am getting better & I know that the Lord has a way of slowing you down.. even if you don't want to!!!!

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with today's post- but I chuckle at it every time I read it. I love her loyalty to me- it almost makes Ashton's loyalty to Joey a little easier to take... a little! Her sweet little ways are just what the doctor ordered!!!!}

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother!!!!
Although you NEVER let me play with you {unless you call playing Lazar tag with you & me wearing BOTH targets}, or if you count killing a deer under "my license" so that you could hunt longer than opening weekend, or how you would manage to make it home from college only on weekends that I had dates {coincidence... I think NOT}.... You put me shame at ANY sporting event & still do {except running- ha ha}. Still through it all... you love me when I am unlovable, you praise me when I don't deserve it, & you make me SO proud to be your sister EVERYDAY!!!! This and a MILLION BAZILLION other reasons is why me & the rest of my gang love you PICKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

"welcome to the Island of Hoth...."

And if y'all are like me & are new to the whole Star Wars thing {not to worry the A-man is quickly teaching me the names even as I type this}- Hoth is a snowy place in Episode 5.... We LOVE the snow {at least for the 1st day inside.... Then it gets a bit crazy around these parts.}!!! We are making the most of the entrapment by....

playing with Legos.... in our pj's

{can you believe this price??? We found them on clearance after Christmas. They are over $30.00 on Amazon. I think the Lord must have wanted the A-man to have them- wink wink!!}

one of us is playing with littlest pet shops.... but she's NOT in her pj's... O- NO she is decked out {like always} making us look a little under dressed........ But we love her anyways!!!

and... when my little Priss finishes with her pets.. We are attempting to start working on our 2011 Valentines... They are gonna be precious!!!!! Here is a little peek in Prissy's...
Now that's it... y'all have to wait until next month!!

Hope you're having a great Monday too!!!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

"..a year in review!"

2010 was filled with many MANY amazing memories.... You can click on all of the words in {..} to see our year. Enjoy!!!!!

January:: I had my Blog-aversary & wrote about it {here}. I {one day} hope to copy this thing into a book form for the kiddos to keep as a reminder of how much their crazy Momma loved them!! Joey finished up A-man's baby video on {this} post- & I cried my eyes out!!! Prissy & I had some super fun {slumber parties} over break. We played in the snow {as much as you can in NC}. And FINALLY the A-man became {potty trained}- Amen!

February:: We decked the house out in red & pink; made Prissy's valentine {here} & A-mans' Valentine {here}; then made Valentine backpacks for her class party {here}. I joined my 1st ever Beth Moore bible study & started a new Holiday line of "By A". Finally when the dust had started to settled on the house & all the crafting we had done... we put it on the market!!!

March:: A-man got his big-boy-bed {here}. Cooner came for a surprise visit & rescued us from some dreary cabin fever. Prissy faced her fears of getting her ears pierced {here} & oral presentations {here}. And I sewed a lot & re-finished A LOT of furniture...

April:: We had a little trauma @ the Great Wolf Lodge {aka Great Big Dodge- in A-man's words} {here}. Cooner & Papaw came into town for A-man's 3rd b-day {here} & for Prissy's ballet recital- PRECIOUS {YES there were tears}!!!!!! Prissy mastered the BIG bike. Joey did a little more furniture re-do's {here}.... We proved to be NO foolin' in April {here}. And finally we celebrated the joy of resurrection Sunday {here}!

May:: Prissy finished up 1st grade {she continues to amaze me}. I learned how Wonderful it really was Being a Woman {here}. We welcomed Lanie into the family & braced ourselves for summer & bare-legged bruises like {these}. A-man tried his hand @ golf. I wrote about the most wonderful Mom that a girl could hope for {here}. Then with heavy hearts we said goodbye to our Precious Grandpa Harris {who by the way got an A+ for his life here on earth- in Prissy's words!!}.

June:: The pool opened & A-man found his "brave"- YIKES!!!! While the kiddos had VBS... I found a few great finds like {this}! We celebrated the wonderful Fathers that God has been given us {here}. We made a few weekend trips to the beach. Then we said "good bye" to our dear friends the Bakers- we LOVE you guys!!!! And I started a new adventure with my friend Tina {here} & {here}!!!!

July:: We sported our RED , WHITE, & BLUE & the kiddos entered the bike parade on our neighborhood. We swam- MORE than ever before!!! I planned a super fun surprise dinner for my soul mate {here}. My sweet girl turned 7 {here} & we planned our 1st ever slumber party {here} , {here}, & {here}. Then we ended our summer with one last beach trip with the Hayes'!!!!

August:: Prissy started {2nd grade}.... and A-man started {Pre-school} {still hard for me to say} wanna see them?? Okay look {here}! Then I took a deep breath & thought about my life {here}. But the pool was still open so we.. "just kept swimming" !! Then, I caught a glimpse of the {miracles} right before me eyes.

September:: We crafted a LOT. Prissy & I found out just how Practically Perfect Mary Poppins really is {here}! We re-furbished some more white stuff {here} & {here}. ...More baking & swimming & play-dates. My precious Prissy graduated to Rubies in ballet. Then we ended our month with a Little {Lady A} !!!

October:: We haunted out the house for Halloween {here}. Then we spooked out our neighbors {here}. We took a trip back home for the Apple Festival {here}- so FUN!! The kiddos started lovin' the Colts!! We look a trip down memory lane here. The kiddos got All fancy for "tricks or treats" {here}... And I let my "yes be YES" {here}!!!

November:: We got ready for our big trip to Disney by looking back @ our 1st trip {here}. {Here} we are @ A-man's 1st Disney trip- "priceless"!!!!! I showed Joey 36 reasons why "I love him" {here} & we had a party for him {here}. The girls & I headed to the beach for some LONG over due "girl-time" {here}. I ran my 1st ever race with my sweet friend Jodi & we hosted Thanksgiving with our dear friends the Moon's {here}! Then Prissy summed up what Thanksgiving is ALL about {here}...

December:: Cooner came & gave me a little lesson on tree-trimming {here} {ha ha ha}... We had class parties, made {teacher gifts} & {class treats}, went to school {programs}, hosted a play-date or two... & then slowed things down a bit with a trip back home to IN.... Then we ventured back to NC for Christmas & our own traditions. We celebrated {Jesus' b-day} in style & praised HIM for all of our blessings throughout the year!!!!!!!!!

Thank y'all so much for sharing in our lives through 2010. I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for us?? Hold on tight- y'all never know with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!