Monday, February 28, 2011

making {every} minute count...

Life is so uncertain... this past weekend I took care of a very young man with cancer. He had undergone the most advanced treatment & had seen the best of the best in terms of oncologists & hematologists yet was dying. His last wish to his bride was to go home & die there. I discussed the options of Hospice with the family & we got it set-up for ambulance transport to his house & the Hospice team would be waiting for his arrival with a hospital bed & anything else to make him comfortable. All day Saturday I kept waiting for the "right time" to get him alone & talk to him. Finally I cleared the room to remove his porta cath {a device used to transfuse his chemotherapy} & I found myself whispering through my surgical mask, "I have to ask you.. do you know Jesus?" {with a huge lump in my throat}. "YES", he said with tears rolling down his cheeks {me too of course}. "I do, but I'm so glad that you asked me"! I held his fragile hand & tried to pull myself together. His precious wife came in & all I could think of was her & how her world was about to change forever. Finally when we rolled him out to the ambulance & I walked his wife to her car, I got to speak to her. She told me of how they decided not to have children and how they had made the most amazing memories together over the years. And how she was so fortunate to have met him so young so that they could start to grow old together. She wept there in the parking lot & I just listened & cried right along with her. Lastly she said how grateful she was that God had given him to her & how much she had to be thankful for. She told me to promise her to "try & make every minute count"..... That night I hugged my sweet Joey a little tighter & tried NOT to take our time together for granted. I too am thankful for my blessing in him & want to "make every minute count"! So today I challenge you all to start to "make every minute count" too- hug your sweet one a little tighter & remember that this life is a vapor.....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{why this girl loves her mother...}

Today is Cooner's {my fun-loving mother} birthday & I couldn't let this day go by without telling y'all what she means to me {although if you ever read this blog... you surely already know}!

you were:
my life's blood,
my caregiver,
my very first friend.
you gave me;
your heart,
your soul,
your patience,
your right-brainy ways,
your blue eyes,
ALL of your love!
you became:
my kindred spirit,
my fan club president,
my greatest example,
my smartest teacher,
my most cherished mentor.
and that is why:
I will love you:
all the days of my life!!!


p.s. I was looking everywhere for this little picture of Cooner when she was a little girl {I love that she fixed my hair like this, then I fixed Prissy's like this too}. I finally found it in Prissy's room- she has it framed on her bulletin board- I guess I'll let her keep it {wink wink}!!

Your Loving Daughter,

Monday, February 21, 2011

{deception=no holes}

Well... we are back from the dentist & I'm happy to report we have "no holes" as the A-man likes to put it!!! I have to admit that I don't let my kiddos have tons of desserts, but they are NOT lacking in the sweets department.... I use little tips from some of my favorite cookbooks like Deceptively Delicious & make yummy things with way less sugar & an occasional veggie pureed in them??? It's true I have been known to puree cauliflower & carrots {they go into most of my cookies, muffins, & cakes}! I tried a new recipe for pumpkin doughnuts tonight- in the spirit of NO cavities. They only called for a 1/2 cup of brown sugar & no oil..... Here is what the kiddos thought of them....

and did y'all know that you could put these range vents in the dishwasher???

neither did I- but now I'm a believer!!!!!! I feel like I'm ahead of the spring cleaning thing this year!

Friday, February 18, 2011

{i want, i love, i have....}

i want...

more boots... i know- it's a sickness!


i love...

brick floors! maybe in my next house???


i have...


that i could ever really want... and then some!


happy weekend sweet friends!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{spit spot!}

Today the A-man & I are laying low..... I {love} slow days with NO pressures of things to be done! Maybe I'll build a Lego masterpiece [although I have already build a few since we got the Man & Prissy off this morning].... I have already cleaned out his & hers closets, along with the kitchen cabinets {don't you think 5 spring form pans is a bit excessive- unless you are Cooner, no doubt she has 6}. I plan on taking a load to the consignment store & to Good Will later this week today {I loath bags of stuff laying around}. I have finally gotten rid of all the mismatch glasses & mugs {except for the tacky Christmas one that Joey refused to part with?}. Next maybe I'll get rid of some of my raggy dish clothes & bath towels- the garage is in need of some good "old" towels for all of my many painting projects!!! If only I felt like tackling the attic....NO not today!!!!!


Or maybe we'll make some muffins & eat them ALL before the others get home???? I picked this little cake stand topper up for $3.00 & it makes me wanna bake something....


and I love looking at these little "goal lists" inside the cupboard. I taped them there so we are forced to look @ them & pray them out loud daily. I made one for each of the children when they were babes!!!!! Goals are so important {I believe}!!


P.S. yesterday- I took the children to school, only to find that Mrs. Fisher {she is A-man's teacher} wasn't gonna be there. Y'all should have seen the sheer disappointment on his face.... Then I heard myself ask, "A-man would you like to go to Mommas bible study instead?" "Yes Ma'am, I be really good boy for you, if you take me your bible t-udy!" I mean really... we dashed out of that school as if we were going to Disney World!!! And He was a perfect angel...

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy {V-day} to me....

Cheese cake is my 1 weakness!!! And because I am not suppose to indulge in such wonderfulness on a regular basis {like I would prefer}.... I get it 2 times a year!!! Joey makes me a cheese cake for Valentine's day & for my birthday EVERY year {without fail now for 14 years}!!!! We used to go to The Encore Cafe {second best in the WORLD next to Joey's} in B-town & celebrate when we were in college... Then Joey perfected his recipe & the rest is history!!!! Anyway when got home from work last Saturday.... this was waiting for me {never mind the scary 15 hr work day look}!!!!!

I do so {love} that man!
Happy V-day sweet boy!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

{V-day} messenger bags

Last week I got the news that Prissy's class needed something to put their Valentines in.... They needed to be something big enough to hold non-traditional Valentines {like the ones we like to make- ha ha} & they needed to be something easy {because Mrs. Stone wanted the class to make them before the party}.... So I whipped up these little guys {with 3 straight seams} & a handle the night before.... But I couldn't resist adding their initials to them before hand!!! Next I asked for some parent participation- a helper to man a glue gun with me- {thanks Tina} & for others to send in some fun things to help make the bags fancy!!!! The children brought in ALL things from {ribbon to flowers to beads to stickers to pom poms to.... well you get the idea}.


They turned out SUPER cute....
Reagan brought in the cutest ribbon & lace!!!


Here is a look @ Prissy's before...
{she added a few things @ home}


and this is hers after the school decorating party!!!
I do love that they made them their own!!!


Here is Winston's-
he went ALL out & his bag was precious!
{I think he came back to the glue station a good 10 times- ha ha ha}!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

we {heart} peppermint suckers....

Last year I found a fun way to use up the candy canes from Christmas.... But this year I made them even YUMMY-er! I do {heart} these little girls!!!!!


first get ya some of these little critters
{mini candy canes}


and place them into a {heart} shape on a greased cookie sheet
@ 200 degrees for about 4 minutes {or until they look soft}. then smoosh their tips onto a sucker stick. next pop the whole cookie sheet into the fridge to let them cool....


now melt some white chocolate chips in the micro like this for about 30 seconds {I got this little melting tip from my s-i-l Carol & I use it ALL the time- thanks!!} & then snip the corner of the bag. Next pipe some into each {heart} & add some sprinkles.....


I mean really!!!
Who wouldn't love these yummy treats???


I bagged them up pretty & added some ribbon {I know you are NOT surprised}. My crew woofed them down along with their friends & some of mine too!!!!


p.s. I found this little precious candy holder while Cooner & I were out plundering for $1.00! I do so love treasure hunting.... It is my 1 weakness!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

{V-day now & then...}

Today has been a bit crazy with A-man's V-day party- whew {he danced @ school today:)- a LONG time coming}!!! And tomorrow I am helping Prissy's class make their valentine holders..... I have much sewing to do & little time to do it... I hope to share pics of tomorrows crafting, but here is a peek at last years Valentine Back Packs!!!!

last year I was asked by Josey's teacher to come up with a "Valentine box" idea to put the students Valentines in.... HUH I thought to myself.. what can we make that hasn't been done before? Why Valentine backpacks of course!!!!! Here is how we made them...

First I collected boxes (several from packages from Cooner & Papaw-thanks guys). Then we (Jenny & I) painted them. I used any/ALL the house paint & spray paint that had any Valentine flair to it...

Then I cut out the flap to transform the box into a Valentine backpack. (I love the BIG opening- perfect for treats BIG & small)

Next- I added the straps (perfect to hang on the back of their chairs for the Valentine exchange).

I went ahead & decorated Mrs. White's Valentine backpack- I know that she will busy BUSY helping all of the little people today. (Did I mention that she has 2 boys- I thought that she'd appreciate a little FU FU in her life- ha ha ha!!!)

and.. when Ashton asked "for me too Momma?" While I was painting in the garage... I transformed a little Valentine box for him too... Ya'll know how I feel about leaving him out- NO WAY!!!

Then Priss said "Momma can I just glue a couple of things on now, then I can finish it up @ the party? I will be able to help you (teach) the others how to do it- O-kay?" What can I say... she is her mother's daughter- but I did LOVE her backpack when she finished. She insisted on putting this BIG purple button! Doesn't it look FABULOUS???

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

{poor us!}

Well... we are home from the airport {a place I find very wicked, unless you are meeting an arriving flight...}. But... we were not meeting one of those, we did that last week & now it's a sad place again! Cooner came & went and we had a glorious time with her as always. The children said it best... A-man says "Poor us, I don't like this day!" & when I tucked Prissy into her very VERY lonely bed she said, "Momma my bed seems so big.... and I'm gonna just miss turning over and seeing Cooner in the middle of the night...." I have not words only this "Y'all Indiana peeps- better be GOOD to her!!!!!!!!!!

{this is the sign that Prissy made for Cooner- she took it with her & will keep it forever- I'm sure!!!}

Joey is gonna miss this...

and this... {me & Prissy too}

but mostly we'll just miss her & her sweet ways and how she can make the impossible seem possible & how she teaches us to be better by how she treats others.... {I swear my neighbors love us because she feeds them every time she visits!!!!!}

Darling Cooner-
hurry back to us!!!!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

....the {updated} office

I have had a little itch to re-do a room {and that's not any easy task while your house is on the market}! So I rummaged around & found some new furniture {I love the hunt for the perfect pieces} @ tag sales & picked up a view new accessories too..... Here is the NEW and I think MUCH improved on office!!!!


I once {pre my fetish for WHITE furniture} loved the look of dark wood, now I think it looks a bit strong in a small room all side-by-side. Plus- this set came from Target & is about 10 yrs old now & I sold it & used the $ to buy the new stuff- yeah!!!!!


now after...

Ahhh- this pic is from my new camera {of which I am still trying to master- just add that to the list- ha ha ha}. I used an old mirror {$10.00 because the gilding was broken- but I fixed it with play dough... more on that later} & transformed it into a chalk board for a bit of art. {Cooner is still against it- but I love it! So- it's staying for now, at least until I leave the house to pick up Prissy today- wink wink}.


And this desk is just the perfect little VERY durable piece for this wall. I love all of the details down to the inside walls of it... And it was $20.00- very well worth the money once Joey gave it a little wave of the paint sprayer & the chair too. The Lamp is new too- NOT my favorite but the price was right- $18.00.

~Here she is before~
NEVER shy away from a good wooden piece
because you don't like the color.....

{p.s. the piano bench is for Prissy's room. I snagged it up for $4.00}


I think this bookshelf is my VERY favorite thing in the room.
It too is from a tag sale {$20.00}

& just needed a little paint & some pretties {however this room is home to all the "ugly" books who happen to be paper back & mis-match.... but I still love the look of them paired with some other MUCH more pleasant pieces.


The light is the best deal we found. I first saw it @ Lowes {on Thursday} to the tune of $128.00, but that was WAY out of my budget. Then I went to another Lowe's {on Friday} and guess what???? It was being clearanced out & I snagged it for $32.00- score!!!!!!{when we bought our home
- 9 yrs ago- it had {no lie} 9 ceiling fans....
Now we are down to 2- PRAISE the Lord!!!!!}

This is my very sweet husband who hung it for me on Super Bowl Sunday {and all the while still managed to look manly with A-man's Lego head light on}!!!


Okay- maybe this is my favorite piece!!! Birdcages are my ONE weakness & who says they can't be functional? I am using this one to store wrapping paper in. It was my most frivolous accessory- $20.00 {but I really only bought her & the roses so I have NO regrets!!}.


And.. I finally have the perfect spot for the $5.00 find from last spring. This little nightstand looks precious paired with the Blue sofa that I built the room around!!!


So here is what we did:
new furniture= $40.00 {for the desk & bookshelf}
curtain= $30.00 {JCPenney- thermal white}
1 new lamp= $18.00 {clearance @ the Maxx- it has a little dent in the shade}
giant chalk board= $10.00
Light fixture= $32.00
Accessories= $25.00
Total= $155.00
{minus} - $100.00

*$100.00 for the furniture that I sold {I said make me an offer & she said how about $100.00 for all 5 pieces (2 bookshelves, 1 file cabinet, 1 desk, 1 hutch?}. I VERY graciously offered to load it for her!!!

TOTAL room re-do in a weekend= $55.00
My feeling of accomplishment & joy= PRICELESS!!!