Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"3's company"

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to post because we had a little bit of company.... We watched little Eli for the day & Ashton was in the height of his glory. He thinks that he is as old as the closest boy around, so yesterday he was 3 (just like Eli). I wasn't sure how Eli would do for a whole day, but he fit right in. We- played with cars, then cooked for awhile, then played on the playground, then rolled some play-doh, then played with some bugs, read a little, ate a little, played in the sprinkler, raced the cars awhile, drove the train, played baseball, played basketball, pretended to be pirates with bowl helmets, played the drums, sang @ the TOP of our lungs- did ya'll hear us?, ate some more, played some more, then we ALL yawned A LOT, they got a bath, then I'm sure that he slept very well- I know that we did!!!!!!!!!!!

finally Priss could take NO more
of all the barefoot, dirty, bug-touching
boys... She wandered in to play with
Lucy Danyell & get away from it all!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

VBS 2009

Today is our last day of VBS @ "Crocodile Dock"- our theme... Priss has LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing many of her school friends (from different churches) & A-man has LOVED LOVED LOVED the snacks..... and well since his momma happens to be volunteering in the "snack shack"- he has the inside scoop of ALL the yummies!!!! It has been a great week. I am ALWAYS amazed how GOD shows up & totally makes it awesome for everyone. Last Sunday night we prayed for VBS. I prayed for: "a great turn out, for all of the decorations to look fun & exciting for the kiddos, & that the snacks would go over well." Josey prayed for: "GOD to speak to the children about Jesus & help them to talk to their mommas & daddies when they got home about Him!" You have NO idea how humbled I was after she finished..... Anyway that opened my eyes & my prayers changed from there on out for the week!!!!!! Here are some pics- I didn't get a chance to take many...

all of the kids are gonna wear these
matching shirts
on Sunday & sing on the
"BIG STAGE" - in Josey's words..
(of course A-man needed one too...
even if he will be cheering on his
Priss with me off stage!!!)

p.s.- we had over 250 children; the decorations, crafts, & snacks were a HUGE hit!!! and... EVERYONE heard the name JESUS.... I can hear Priss in the living room singing as I write this- I wish that you could hear her precious little voice...

"our strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, we wait upon the Lord, we wait upon the Lord.."

I can't wait to see them all on Sunday- I bet some folks will be coming to church for the 1st time- even if it is to see their little ones.... keep them in your prayers!!!!!! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"summer finds.."

lately I have gotten some stellar deals & I had to share some with you!!! Now is the time to go to tag sales & discount stores- people are ALREADY trying to get rid of summer stuff to make room for winter. NOW is the time to get the things that you want @ a great price....

I found these fun stick-on letters
for Josey's room @
the Dollar Tree for..
you guessed it- $1.00

these super cute & comfy
bathrobes came from the Disney Store
marked down from
$40.00 to $8.00
(& they have tons of costumes
on clearance for Halloween??)

Josey picked these out for
1st grade next year.
(they are last years prints &
were 40% off- now is a great
time to plan for school..)

I found this little book-light
for Joey- He LOVES it.
(it was $1.00 @ the Tree-
they can cost more than $20.00 on-line)

I love this brand of shoes-
they have the cutest shoes &
are sooo comfortable- they
were marked down to...
$8.00- YEAH for ME!!!

now... get shopping, but be frugal. There are deals out there just waiting to be found.... Let me know where/what you are finding these days?????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"you do the math"

We are just starting our 3rd week of summer & starting school already.... Not real school, but a summer program that I bought last fall. I looked into the whole home-school idea & learned a lot about curriculum. Josey is such a smarty- she wants to do some school over summer too- so who am I to protest learning??? "I really want to be ready for 1st grade momma" was her response when I showed her the box of supplies I had been saving for such a time!!!! She informed me & showed me that she can MULTIPLY!!!!!! Can you believe that? I was shocked. She said that her & daddy do it every Saturday while I'm at work- what I guy I have!!! Anyway I quickly called him to sing his praises and found out even more to praise. I bet that you didn't know that my sweet, handsome, incredibly thoughtful, & precious husband was BRAINY too. I JUST found out that he tested out of college calculus during his entrance exams- I didn't even know that it was possible............ THANK GOD- he is now totally in charge of the childrens math endeavors from here on out!!!!!!!

@ the Harris School of Loving & Learning:
bathing suits are the uniform
you go out for recess even if it rains.

and EVERYDAY is take
your little brother to school day...

this is her progress poster from day 1-
pretty impressive!!!!!!!!

"But in love You have delivered my life from the pit of destruction, for You have cast all my sins behind Your back..."
~Is. 38:17

last night I took little A-man to the ER (the second trip in 3 months). He is fine- he fell & busted his face up pretty bad. "He will never even remember this day or see the scar"- were the words from the MD... "I will NEVER forget it & I give GOD all the praise for sending his little angels to protect him"- were my words.... He just looked @ me with a queer little laugh- I'm not sure if he thinks that he did the work or not, but I know that GOD was in charge!!!!!!!!!!! once again I say.. THANK YOU to Jesus for ALL his miracles- no matter how small.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"beach babies"

The whole gang headed to the Ocean.... Joey adores the beach & all the sand that comes along with it... Priss & I adore shell collecting for awhile then back to the pool. Ashton is just content being with us- he was such a trooper!!!!!!!

this is Ashton trying his best to finish
so we can get back
to the water slide....


Monday, June 22, 2009

"what not to wear- Disney Style"

Priss took "what not to wear" to a whole new level @ the beach.... We played it @ the Disney Store- ohhh what fun was to be had.... I must admit that I had as much fun as her with all the fancy things- they have such a better selection than we do here!!!! (and check out the dressing room- oh lala)

A-man couldn't pass up ANY car.... He must have driven 20 different makes & models. I think he prefers them even to FOOD.... but I could be wrong???

this is Ashton BEGGING Josey to play cars with him...
she did finally cave, but not without a "tiss"!


VBS starts today- please keep us in your prayers.... I know that this may be the ONLY time some little folks get to hear about Jesus!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Happy Daddy's Day"


Father's Day 2003

Father's Day 2004

Father's Day 2005

Father's Day 2006

Father's Day 2007

Father's Day 2008

this morning....
"Family Portrait 2009"
Josey Faith Harris

"a wise child heeds his father's instruction..."
~Proverbs 13:1

Friday, June 19, 2009

"we LOVE waterparks!!"

Well this the water park where we stay. We have been going to the same beach (North Myrtle) & staying @ the same place (Kingston Plantation) for 8yrs now!!! We LOVE it & HIGHLY recommend it to others. Here are some pics from day 1....

this is it!!!!
notice the huge bucket on top- it fills
with H2O then dumps & drowns

EVERYONE in it's path
(including my just turned 2 yr old)

who LOVED it more afterwards??

notice the teeny tiny
little orange bracelet on the arm @
the bottom left of the picture-
the one right under the bucket...
do you see it??
it's ASHTON'S!!!!!

this is the boys on the
"Lazy River"
(this was a little too calm
for the A-man..)

this is little Priss-
(now not so little)

going down the slide all by

this is the boys flying down together...
1 time of the 1,000

this is A-man taking a much
needed break @ the
baby pool-
where all the other
2 yr olds hang out-
I didn't see
any others his age
going down the slide.
(he couldn't take his eyes off
of the big slide..)

They shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."
~ Is. 40:29-31

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"a trip worth remembering"

Our trip had many great memories, but a few stick out very boldly in my mind..

* Calabash Seafood Buffet LOST money on A-man (2 & under are free). He easily ate more then Priss & maybe even me?????

* Priss finished EVERY "I love this day the most" quote with a "but not more than Jesus" quote. She was quite the little witness to tons of folks in SC.

* Ashton went down the water slide by
HIMSELF (totally against my good sound judgment, but Jeoy insisted & Ashton LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!!!!! Joey walked him to the top & I caught him @ the bottom). He was TOTALLY fearless of ANYTHING water related...

* Priss picked out her 1st GRADE school bag & matching
lunch bag (or course). I was a little sad, but they are precious- I must admit...

* We all stayed up later than usual & got up @ exactly the same time as usual??? I wonder why??? Maybe because the beach makes people lose their minds. Take me for example- I let the children have dessert for breakfast. I actually heard myself say "yes". We ALL took the "why not we're on vacation" motto to the EXTREME extreme. But not to worry... I am back home & back to my usual tally of their daily fruit & veggie intake!!!!!!

* Priss was introduced to the "LTC" network & "what not to wear" (one of my old favorite shows). Now this is her VERY favorite thing to play. I get to be Stacy & Joey is.... you guessed it- Clinton!!!!!!!! ha ha- he is a very good sport though!!!

* Ashton used the big-boy potty A LOT during the trip. He really did an amazing job. We probably only used like 6 diapers total the WHOLE trip........ He went EVERY time that we went. He would do ANYTHING to stay with Priss- what can I say????

* I went out by myself..... now this may not seem big, but it is. I am totally direction challenged & usually refuse to even try.. but I went & LOVED it!!!! It was so fun to be out @ all the fun shops.... and wait until ya'll see my great deals!!!

much more from our summer holiday to come.....