Friday, January 30, 2009

"pay it forward"

"Momma why is she treating you like a tax collector"?- (as you will find Josey takes the bible lessons every night VERY literal) she whispered while I continued to hold for what seemed like hours.... The conversation had gone on and on and Josey- only hearing bits and pieces could see that I was very upset. "yes mam I did order the shoes- it has been about 5 weeks now, no mam I did not get the phone calls that they were in........ Yes I can hold again". Finally I was able to acknowledge Josey's questions... "well", I jokingly whispered, "she could be Jesus and it is important to be nice to everyone". The minute the words left my lips I stopped to think what I had said. You know there is truth in that. The bible says "whatever we do for the least of our brothers, we are doing unto HIM"... so when she finally returned only to say- "I'm sorry Mrs. Harris, but we must have sold those shoes- would you like us to re-order them? It will take about 3 weeks." I calmly (Josey in my lap) replied, "no thank you, but do have a fabulous day- I will check in with you for summer shoes". "love your Enemies"- I know that seems harsh "enemies" by way of a store clerk? well YES- "if you love those who love you, what reward will you get- Matthew 5:46. Think about what an opportunity I had... I was a witness to the store clerk and most importantly to my daughter (believe me, I am not always so level headed- but I want to be). Just think about the last time you totally lost your cool- what would have been the outcome if you would have showed love instead? I believe that if we ALL "Paid it forward"- doing nice things: (hold a door for someone, pay for the dinner at the table next to you, offer to babysit, or simply SMILE back when you get the opportunity). Ya'll this could be contagious!!!!
I know from experience that you can NOT out-give God. He will bless you and it will be abundantly- He promises us that!!!!! I mean really, it is just as simple as being "nice". I challenge
you to do it- I think you may like the feeling.......

ok here are some new pics as promised!!!!!

all ready to pay-it-forward @ school- isn't she precious!!!!
we are starting a "project for acts of kindness"
I'll share more in the future....

this is A-man- saying his new word...
he says it with his whole face- what a blessing he is!!!!!!

this is my new grand-daughter-doll:
Lucy Danyell. She is sweet and always polite-
she does of course have a wonderful mother (Josey) so I am
not surprised! Lucy- from "little Bear" and Danyell from "me".
I feel quite honored to be mentioned among the
the brood: Anna Kay, Ruby, & Precious Birthday Cake Harris.

in the spirit of all things "fancy" we hosted a "Mommy & Me"
tea party for some of Josey's friends and their (daughters)
........to meet Lucy Danyell

meet: Lucy Danyell (in the hot pink party dress), Samantha, Mia
& Lizzy. What fun we had- I feel like I am getting to revisit
my girlhood- and OH what a blast I am having!!!!!

p.s. please keep Kristy (my BFF in IN), Michelle (my dear sister-in-law), Jodi (my super-fun friend here), and Brooke (my sweet friend Sheri's s-n-l) in your prayers- they are ALL expecting and I pray for protection and health over their precious blessings!

one more note... I went out to dinner last night to celebrate a dear friends B-day (Happy Birthday Jenny) you are such a sweet person, I am so glad that God has brought you into my life.... Ladies, if you get the opportunity to get out.. GO for heaven's sake, it will bless your socks OFF!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

little ol' me

I begin this blogging adventure only to say that I am very very excited. How fun to be able to share what is on my heart with the ones I love (not to mention I can send pics along too). I have been following lately the Kelly's Korner Blog- it is all about her new precious baby girl (Harper). It never ceases to amaze me how God can touch you through another's trials. It takes me back instantly to one of my darkest places- the NICU. Most of you know the story of Ashton's existence with the bed rest and the NICU time, but few can relate. As a mother not being able to hold your precious gift after birth is horrible- unimaginable. I'm a journaler and when I read over those entries- whew the water works came back instantly...
It is important (I think) to share where you have been only to show where you are headed.

In the beginning:
"every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see"- (unk)
(these are excerpts from my journal)
::November 2, 2006
I am clinging to that right now. We are just now 12wks today and the term "bed rest" has begun. "What does that mean?", many people ask- well just as it implies without the rest. I may "toilet & shower" in the words of Dr Byron, and stay in bed. We have a 40% chance of a viable delivery, but only if we adhere to the plan. My baby boy or girl, I do now know- waits and so must I. Joey- master of calming me- phoned in Cooner (my mom) and she is in pursuit. What a blessing to have a sweet mother. Thanks be to God for her and Daddy. My darling Priss, really unclear of the whole new process, constantly asks questions- Momma, can you please come up to my room?, Momma why are you crying? do you want to play dancing statues? can you make me a snack? when is my daddy coming back home? Her precious voice is both soothing and heartbreaking. I wish that I could have a child-like approach to this big-girl dilemma too. NO, I must be strong for her and my tiny gal (or maybe guy) on the way.

::well can you believe it????
it's a BOY!!!
I know I am in shock too! What will I do Lord with a boy? I know you are in control, but as you already know- you created me to be 110% girl..... Father please continue to grow him healthy daily- give me the patience to endure this bed rest. I can do all things through you, who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

::I am lonely today- I do not know why, but I am certain that it is not from you. My flesh is weak along with my spirit. Priss is away at school today- and I miss her desperately. WOW what precious people you have brought into my life... The gals @ pre-school have arranged a car-pool schedule to get Priss home everyday. My neighbors have posted a sign-up sheet for meals to be brought in every other night for the next month. And the BUNCO girls are sending in a house cleaner- what a treat! God thank you for everything. I suddenly feel you right here with me. Who am I Father to deserve all of your precious gifts. Help me to be more thankful and be able to share this experience with others someday for YOUR glory. I know that you can be exalted in my trials so I say "thank you".

::I have started planning his room, it is still funny for me to say "his"- Ashton Tate or Ashton Honor-. The verdict is still out on the middle name. Father grow him strong for you and your kingdom and prepare my heart for his coming- let me be patient. Oh how I long to hold his tiny body and kiss his hands and feet. I can't wait to dress him up like a little man- his closet is already filled with tiny khakis and polo shirts- how precious he will look, handsome like his daddy.

::My bed rest has turned into "light duty" we are now....... 34 weeks- YEAH!!! WOW praise God for sustaining us through this journey. The swing-set arrives today and Prissy is beside herself. She can't wait to do all of the "girl stuff" that I promised once the boy arrives. We are going to leave the boys at home and run off to fancy land (the Disney store) and just hang out! I so miss my time with my Priss. I fear that I have somehow lost a part of her through all of this. All of those times calling out for me in the night, soon the momma changing to daddy.... My heart would break as a lay in bed listening to them from the monitor. But how proud I was of Joey. What a great work you have created in him Lord- I know that you are pleased. I have always sorta thought of him as my little Moses- leading me out of troubled waters...

::Yeah- I am having a fantastic day!!! Praise the Lord my spirits are high and so is my hair (I am not sure what is up with that, maybe all of the vitamins) and my ankles are really not so bad! Let the nesting begin.... Is there anything more precious that tiny baby clothes hanging up to dry in the laundry room??? Thank you Jesus that my mind is clear and that I can start my day with prayers of Thanksgiving!!!!!

::April 20th 2007
I am about to bring another life into the world- what an honor & a joy as a woman. I am so grateful to have been able to make it this far and soon bring my Ashton Honor home. Father give him a sweet spirit just like his big sister, make his heart tender like his momma, and Lord PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make him bold for YOU like his daddy. Oh and one more tiny thing.... please make his eyes brown..............

taken just before leaving to deliver:
Ashton Honor Harris
born April 21, 2007- shares a b-day with daddy Bud!