Sunday, January 31, 2010


I just found out that the "blogoversary" post from Friday was messed up? I think that I fixed it now... Let me know if ya'll can't read it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"and then there were 4..."

Joey makes me a video every year for Mother's day. This is Ashton's story- I still can hardly watch it without completely crying my eyes out. All that I can say is "God is Good". He healed my little man & when I get a little overwhelmed with motherhood- I watch this video & remember how blessed I am!

I can still remember spending all day with him in the NICU then coming back home to put Priss in bed. She would pray the sweetest prayer every single night... "Lord Jesus PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help little baby Ashton get off the escalator (ventilator) & let my Momma be able to stay home with me"... Then Joey & I would go back & sit with him for hours. We couldn't hold him or touch him for the first 4 days of his life. Tonight- hold, touch, kiss, & love on your children a little extra. They probably won't understand now, but one day they will!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

my "blogoversary".

(Well.. today is my blogoversary & I am re-posting... This was my very 1st blog post exactly 1 yr ago today. THANK YOU all for visiting us this year... I can't wait to share another year with you!)

I begin this blogging adventure only to say that I am very very excited. How fun to be able to share what is on my heart with the ones I love (not to mention I can send pics along too). I have been following lately the Kelly's
Korner Blog- it is all about her new precious baby girl (Harper). It never ceases to amaze me how God can touch you through another's trials. It takes me back instantly to one of my darkest places- the NICU. Most of you know the story of Ashton's existence with the bed rest and the NICU time, but few can relate.
As a mother not being able to hold your precious gift after birth is horrible- unimaginable. I'm a journaler and when I read over those entries- whew the water works came back instantly...
It is important (I think) to share where you have been only to show where you are headed.

In the beginning:
"every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for a future only He can see"- (unk)

(these are excerpts from my journal)
::November 2, 2006
I am clinging to that right now. We are just now 12wks today and the term "bed rest" has begun. "What does that mean?", many people ask- well just as it implies without the rest. I may "toilet & shower" in the words of Dr Byron, and stay in bed. We have a 40% chance of a viable delivery, but only if we adhere to the plan. My baby boy or girl, I do now know- waits and so must I. Joey- master of calming me- phoned in Cooner (my mom) and she is in pursuit. What a blessing to have a sweet mother. Thanks be to God for her and Daddy. My darling Priss, really unclear of the whole new process, constantly asks questions- Momma, can you please come up to my room?, Momma why are you crying? do you want to play dancing statues? can you make me a snack? when is my daddy coming back home? Her precious voice is both soothing and heartbreaking. I wish that I could have a child-like approach to this big-girl dilemma too. NO, I must be strong for her and my tiny gal (or maybe guy) on the way.

::well can you believe it????
it's a BOY!!!
I know I am in shock too! What will I do Lord with a boy? I know you are in control, but as you already know- you created me to be 110% girl..... Father please continue to grow him healthy daily- give me the patience to endure this bed rest. I can do all things through you, who gives me strength. Phil 4:13

::I am lonely today- I do not know why, but I am certain that it is not from you. My flesh is weak along with my spirit. Priss is away at school today- and I miss her desperately. WOW what precious people you have brought into my life... The gals @ pre-school have arranged a car-pool schedule to get Priss home everyday. My neighbors have posted a sign-up sheet for meals to be brought in every other night for the next month. And the BUNCO girls are sending in a house cleaner- what a treat! God thank you for everything. I suddenly feel you right here with me. Who am I Father to deserve all of your precious gifts. Help me to be more thankful and be able to share this experience with others someday for YOUR glory. I know that you can be exalted in my trials so I say "thank you".

::I have started planning his room, it is still funny for me to say "his"- Ashton Tate or Ashton Honor-. The verdict is still out on the middle name. Father grow him strong for you and your kingdom and prepare my heart for his coming- let me be patient. Oh how I long to hold his tiny body and kiss his hands and feet. I can't wait to dress him up like a little man- his closet is already filled with tiny khakis and polo shirts- how precious he will look, handsome like his daddy.

::My bed rest has turned into "light duty" we are now....... 34 weeks- YEAH!!! WOW praise God for sustaining us through this journey. The swing-set arrives today and Prissy is beside herself. She can't wait to do all of the "girl stuff" that I promised once the boy arrives. We are going to leave the boys at home and run off to fancy land (the Disney store) and just hang out! I so miss my time with my Priss. I fear that I have somehow lost a part of her through all of this. All of those times calling out for me in the night, soon the momma changing to daddy.... My heart would break as a lay in bed listening to them from the monitor. But how proud I was of Joey. What a great work you have created in him Lord- I know that you are pleased. I have always sorta thought of him as my little Moses- leading me out of troubled waters...

::Yeah- I am having a fantastic day!!! Praise the Lord my spirits are high and so is my hair (I am not sure what is up with that, maybe all of the vitamins) and my ankles are really not so bad! Let the nesting begin.... Is there anything more precious that tiny baby clothes hanging up to dry in the laundry room??? Thank you Jesus that my mind is clear and that I can start my day with prayers of Thanksgiving!!!!!

::April 20th 2007
I am about to bring another life into the world- what an honor & a joy as a woman. I am so grateful to have been able to make it this far and soon bring my Ashton Honor home. Father give him a sweet spirit just like his big sister, make his heart tender like his momma, and Lord PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make him bold for YOU like his daddy. Oh and one more tiny thing.... please make his eyes brown..............

taken just before leaving to deliver:
Ashton Honor Harris
born April 21, 2007- shares a b-day with daddy Bud!

my Ashton then..

my precious Ashton now!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"for you girls with little boys..."

I know you'll agree that little boy clothes are just not as cute as the little boys that have to wear them! If I were a super good & super confident sewer... I would make an entire clothing line just for my little A-man & all of his buddies... But the simple truth is (ahhh) I am NOT! However I do appreciate "cute" "simple" & "durable" looking things when I see them out. I recently came across the cutest little t-shirts @ Wally for boys.

They are simple little razor striped tees with appliqued trucks, motorcycles, cars, & boats. SOOO cute that I had to snatch up one of each (cause they were only $3.50 each).

He was so super PROUD of his outfit today... He just kept looking @ his shirt..

and then back to his new shoes (from Cooner & Papaw) then back to his shirt!!! I love this little guy... He has been the best little helper while I've been sick- THANKS A-man!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"hello out there..."

today... I'm sick, I have had pj's on for (the better part of) 3 days straight (although I did put fresh ones back on everyday).... NO I do not need medical attention sweet Cooner- just prayer & a bit of TLC!!! Do ya'll ever feel "given out"- like you have nothing left & you need to re-charge? I do...

I'm feeling a little like this...

+ I have gone through WELL over 3 boxes of tissues!

wanting some of this....
with hot tea (NOT coffee)... and maybe a little blueberry cake doughnut from granny's???

And needing a bit of this...
A little love.. I seem to be extra fragile right now.

And some of this would be good...
New shoes, old shoes, just going somewhere fun shoes!

Monday, January 25, 2010

"another great product"

Ya'll know that I love great products & I ADORE good deals too. I found these staple-less staplers from Crayola for $2.oo on clearance @ Wally. They would make FANTASTIC teacher gifts..

It fastens the papers together by punching a hole through the papers then tapping it back through the front- so cool! I love that I will NEVER have to buy staples again... I'm getting "GREENER" by the minute... Go out & snatch these guys up (but not for Mrs. White- she's covered!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

"Prov. 28:13"

"He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy..."

I found this little "mess" after being told (by my nearly naked 2 yr old);
"Momma no go Momma's room peeze!!!!"
AHHH the wonderful days of potty training...

Happy B-day
Uncle Jeff!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"girls just wanna have fun!"

sooo- they go to LaPabloElChapalaFelipe (or something like that) & eat YUMMY Mexican & chit chat for hours until they turn the sign around, turn the music off, ask us for the 200th time if we need another refill or to-go-box, & finally dim the lights... (ha ha ha)!!!! THANKS Jodi C, Catherine, & Jodi B for going out last night with me. I can't wait to do it again SOON!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"WOW.. what do I tell her?"

31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

My little girl is starting to ask BIG grown up things like: "Momma what happens to people who don't know Jesus when they die? Why? Do you tell people about Jesus everyday? Do they understand what will happen if they don't believe? Why aren't their hearts open to hear? Aren't you angry- I am? I think that we should tell more people tomorrow- don't you? Good thing that everyone we love knows Jesus huh Momma? Hey this has nothing to do with that stuff, but why is God punishing us & not giving us snow?"

Anybody want to take a stab @ these??? How/when will I tell her that "everyone" that we love does not know Jesus?? I am challenged tonight to "fight the good fight" & make my days count for Him. I know that He is in me & so I pray that He may use this vessel to further the kingdom- AMEN!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"time is flying by..."

This morning while I was getting ready- I noticed that my little bead tree was missing? I had gotten a new BIGGER one @ the Maxx this week (I really am turning into my Grandma Hord with my LOVE for accessories..) But anyway I thought that I had put it on the bar & now it wasn't there??? Later when I was putting away laundry- I found it....

I think that it looks PERFECTLY precious with all of her accessories. She has a style all of her own- her youth is flying by SO fast! I just sat down right there & looked @ all of her little bracelets & necklaces on the tree- I LOVE her!!!!!

Although- I think I have a few more good years until she gets to my level...
ha ha ha!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Hope for Haiti"

I am excited about participating in Craft Hope for Haiti and contributing to their ETSY shop… check it out… fabulous donations from artsy/crafty folks and ALL proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti! I’m still trying to decide what I will donate… and I’ll keep you posted on that. I also encourage you to get involved as well– either by shopping there or contributing. You don’t have to have an etsy shop to participate— they take care of everything for you! All you have to do is make and donate your handmade craft! Or shop there with the confidence of knowing that your money is benefiting the Haitians in need!

On a side note my little Priss is a bit under the weather. She stayed home from Church yesterday (which should tell ya'll how pitiful she was). I went on to church & Joey had church with the kiddos @ home. Priss asked if they could do communion? Joey explained that the bible warns against taking the elements without first understanding. Priss replied "I know ALL about communion daddy- on the night that Jesus was betrayed, he passed out the juice & the crackers (they are His body & His blood). Then he told them to remember Him when they came together & that doing this helped wash away their sins." Joey said he just smiled & poured the juice....

Friday, January 15, 2010

"is that a challenge?"

Sooo I do NOT consider myself a competitive person @ all! I can not recall the last card, board, or running game that I have won with my children... And when Joey & I play scrabble or Monopoly I have NO hesitations giving him my vowels or loaning him $10,000 every once in a while! Now with that being said- I have no real passion for games... Decorating on the other hand- I guess that's a horse of a different color? Last night while Joey was finishing putting Priss down I heard something that made the hair on my neck stand up.... "Priss are you all ready for you spelling test?" "Yes Sir"- she replied. "What are you most looking forward to @ school in the next few weeks?" "Well... I guess it's Fiber Guild (her craft club) or maybe art class- we are painting, or NO I think it's the Valentine's day party & ALL that stuff! I wish that Momma knew how to decorate for Valentine's day Daddy- I love All the fancy pink & red..." WHAT- they think that I don't know how to decorate for Valentine's day??? I quickly stormed to my craft room & pulled out EVERYTHING red & pink that I own (& ya'll know I have a lot of PINK). This morning when she left for school- I did this:

I added a Valentine bow & heart
to my winter wreath on the door!

I added some Valentine banners to the mirror with
some yummy Valentine candy treats...

And... as though one 3 tiered dish of candy wasn't enough- I had zero shame in impressing Priss with my Valentine decorating skills- so I added a few more bowls of pink, red, & purple candy around the house!!!

I dug out all of the fancy Valentine tea-towels that I have & replaced the "everyday" ones in the powder rooms & kitchen with these...

Finally... I found myself wanting to take it to even another level (of which I get to quite often) & made Lucy Danyell a Valentine "American Girl" style bow tree. It was the perfect thing to hold ALL of the 20 bows that Priss made for her this week... I think that this may be just the ticket to save face with my biggest fan???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"the COLD-hard-truth..."

I am a very cold-natured person (hence my new fetish with leg warmers) anyway winter is definitely here now & I am pitiful... Although I grew up in the Midwest- the coast seems to suit me better. When we go home- I am instantly reminded that I miss the idea of "snow" & not the actual "out driving in-yucky black/dirty-snowed in @ your house-no power-snow"! Here we have about 1 salt truck per county & with the"chance" of a flurry- schools operate on a 2 hr delay (I kid you NOT- this happened here this week). Anyway I am a pansy & I detest getting out in it & when I do I am so bundled that I can barely make a left hand turn safely. My kiddos are miserable because I insist on them wearing undershirts starting in November (I know- but I'm old fashioned like that) & I take layering to NEW levels that even GAP could not compete with... Which brings me to my point--- Ah yes I do have one! I made a little travel-heating-pad that makes your seat, back, or anything else toasty instantly.... I LOVE her & now she is in HIGH demand around Harris House! She almost makes we want to bereave the cold... almost!!!

~Handmade Heating Pad~

Here is what you need:
cotton fabric, rice, loose tea, & your sewing machine...

step #1- fold your fabric inside out (you can do this with any size/shape that you like) & single stitch the sides together. (mine is about 9'' X 16'')

step #2- turn your fabric right side out & divide it into sections. next sew up to about 3 inches from the open end & STOP.

step #3- fill the sections with rice to about 1/2 inch below where you STOPPED. I also added some loose Apricot & Flowers tea (lavender would be great too, but I don't drink that kind)- it gives it just a touch of me. (This is NOT necessary but I like it!)

step #4- finish up sewing the sections to the top, then stitch the entire open side closed. Then nuke it for about 3 minutes....

step #5- FINALLY curl up & relax with warm toasty feet!!!!!!!

p.s. Priss has already asked to sleep with this tonight (she always wants to sleep with my electric heating pad, but I think they are too dangerous)... I believe we may be making another handmade heating pad very soon...

p.s.s. She is going to work with me this weekend- I can be toasty going & coming--- YEAH!!!! Gone are my days of coveting my MIL's & SIL's automatic car starters (although I do think that if we lived in IN, I would have one- they are WONDERFUL)!

on a serious note: PLEASE keep the people in Haiti in your prayers (the area hit is exactly where Joey went on the medical mission trip last year). I can't believe the total devastation that they are going through. If you can PLEASE donate & bless them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"my mr. darcy"

I don't know of a lot of men who will see Pride and Prejudice (although this is such an injustice in my heart)? I adore all of Jane Austen's books & most of the movies about them... I hope you will see it. Joey & I watched it AGAIN last night. It's one of those films that I can watch over & over! And all that I could think about after (with Joey's arm around me) is how lucky I am that I have my very own Mr. Darcy.
I hope you have one too....


to my sweet brother

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"my dreams have come true..."

There is eternal influence & power in motherhood. As a young woman in college I remember our Youth Pastor Matt talking about praying for our "future spouse". I went home that day & thought about my future family. I remember having thoughts about my husband-to-be & I found it fascinating to think that he was somewhere in the world & I just didn't know him yet. I decided that night I would pray for my future husband. I didn't know him but I knew God did. I mostly prayed the same thing every night. "Please bless him to have a good day tomorrow." A couple weeks before we were engaged, Joey & I were having one or our MANY long-distant LONG great phone conversations (you really learn so much about people on the phone). Toward the end of the evening I asked him "Have you had a lot of good days?" He asked me why. I told him that I had been praying a prayer for him to have good days since I was about 18. (Nearly 5 years)

As I went to check on my sleeping children last night I looked at their sweet little faces & was overwhelmed with emotion. Have you ever just sat & watched a child sleep? It has to be one of the most peaceful things in the world. As I watched them, I thought of the countless times I prayed for them too. And here they are. The little ones I dreamed about.
I have always dreamed of being a wife & a mother and sometimes I forget that I am living that childhood dream. I pause as I am putting lotion on my freshly bathed A-man and pause as I am brushing Prissy's hair, & realize that this is indeed what I dreamed of. I wonder if I am living up to the aspirations of that little girl inside of me. Am I the mother that I hoped I would become? Because the children are here now & motherhood is not in the future. It is in the now. I recommit myself, as I am finding myself do a lot lately, to becoming the wife & mother that I hoped I would be.

I saw a funny bumper sticker yesterday on a beat-up jalopy. It read:
"Don't be fooled by my car, my treasure is really in heaven."
Is my treasure in heaven? I believe it is &
I believe my home is heaven on earth.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"dear anthropologie,"

for Christmas I got a few little packages from you...... I loved them from the pretty circle shaped felt bows to the fancy flour sack gift tags.... and when I found this little dress nestled under all of that beautiful silky tissue paper.. my heart swooned!!!!!!!

then I learned that you have an entire line fit for my kiddos???
could i love you any more?
no, I could not.