Wednesday, March 28, 2012

{free-cycled pj pants tutorial}

{I am re-posting this little tutorial for my sweet friend Stephanie. These are adorable & super easy + they are free-cycled!!}
We (heart) scrub pants around here & some little person I know... ALWAYS wants to be/look like his daddy? So... I decided to free-cycle some old scrub pants into some for my little McTeeny...

first- trace around a pair of pants that fits them well (in his case- he adores these little warm-up pants).

then pin & cut around your traced lines (keeping the bottom & outer side ALL the way to the original hem line to avoid having to make a new one).

next- do the very same thing with the other leg (mirror image).

next- put the good sides together & pin the upper sides & sew just to the point (NOT down the leg).

next pin the inner legs together & sew...

now for the waist band- fold over a small amount, then press & sew (to make it look finished on the inside too).

next- make 2 button holes big enough for the draw string (I am NOT great @ button holes- maybe one day I'll break down & read my machine manual???). You could also use elastic- I just like the look of the string (and A-manLOVES orange)!!

finally- sew around the waist band & add the draw string!
(10 minutes to a pair of pants he'll LOVE)

look out Dr. McDreamy & Dr. McSteamy... my little McTeeny is killer cute!!!
the DOCTOR is in...

and he didn't want to take them off for bath-time... but who could blame him? He looks handsome like his daddy now!!!!!!!

and they apparently make your muscles look very BIG too!!!!
(I think I'll try this little pattern on one of Joey's old t-shirts & on an old crib sheet that I couldn't part with???)

Monday, March 26, 2012

{the good ole days...}

Spring break is over {boo} but fun was had by ALL! We are back to school & that means no rest for the wicked {as Cooner would say}. And while we are busy I wanted to take time to tell you my sweet little cabbages- that I adore you! I truly count myself blessed among women to have you for my children.


"No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only ones that know what my heart sounds like from the inside!"


Last night Prissy asked us to write out things that we liked about each other- I thought it was totally brilliant. We each wrote down {after her careful instructions} on the paper {that she chose for us} the things.... Then she said "Momma's turn first, everyone tell her what she does that you like." It was so wonderful to hear what they really like-it wasn't the fancy dinners, the handmade costumes, or even the parties {gasp} that made the list. But instead- "I love your smile & how you give me lots of lovin' in my bed & you is good at washing my hair."- per the A-man. Prissy said, "I love Momma's sweetness, her encouraging me when I draw, she is always nice, & she helps me in the shower. She is just the best Momma ever!" And YES I cried & hugged their necks off. Then my sweet husband said, "You're a great runner, you are the best mom ever, you are unselfish when it comes to giving to others, & you are good at sewing." I smiled through the tears then, especially how running was high on the list- {it cracks me up what makes them proud}. All the while knowing that these are the 'good ole days & I am loving every minute of them!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{birthday prep....}

Did y'all know that in one very short month.... my very favorite 4 yr old will be my very favorite 5 yr old? Sad isn't it! I can't believe how fast he is growing.... but luckily his Momma is a tiny bit nuts-o when it comes to b-days!!!! And she can't even sit down long enough to get sad {yet}. He has chosen "Star Wars" as the theme- you're shocked I know! The house is beginning to bust at the seams already. We have a Jedi Training Academy, An Ewok Village in Endor, & all the fun in between to get finished up.


This week- I am trying to finish up the invitations & about a dozen Jedi robes....


My little Jedi Knight discovered them.... and he L-O-V-E-S
his robe.


This is him using the "force". He says "it's really really strong when I wear my Jedi robe!" I tend to agree!!!


He may need another one by the time the party rolls around... But I can't bring myself to make him take it off. He is just the cutest little stinkin' Youngling that I've ever seen!!!!! I know the Republic will be in good hands with him on watch!!!


I think I may need a little of the FORCE too- to pull this one off!!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Happy St. Pat's & a freebie...}

Happy St. Patrick's Day Y'all. I wish I could share one of these babies with you....


But instead I'm sharing some of these~
I found these adorable FREE pantry labels. They even make cooking more fun I promise {wink wink}. You can print them here!


You can print them off on fancy sticker paper or if you are like me.... and love instant gratification??? Just print them out on white card stock & secure them on with clear box tape!!


p.s. I am in L-O-V-E with this chair in the new House Beautiful. Isn't she precious??

Friday, March 16, 2012

{spring break...}

We are on Spring Break & LOVING every single minute of it! Relaxing is at the top of our priority list... along with lounging in our pj's all hours of the day, having sleep overs, & watching Andy Griffith- the kiddos have taken a sudden & pleasant interest in little Opie Taylor! We whisked away to the Great Wolf Lodge- where we learned that the A-man had grown 2 inches since our last visit. Meaning= he could ride all the rides except for the Tornado.... and we DID {about a million times}!!!!!!


And... the little A-man started soccer last night. He was a smidgen reserved {but I do preach sharing & not hurting others}. I had told him early on that if he should get scared out there, he should look over at me. I would be watching his every move & if he was doing well, I'd give him the thumbs up! Y'all I kept my thumb up in the air the entire hour. He was so sweaty and little kicking that ball & he would look for me every couple of minutes. He did amazing- and scored the only 2 goals for his team! YEAH A-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are gonna get some junking in today- I hope to share some fun loot soon?? But for now- I'm making a yummy St. Pat's treats for tomorrow... don't forget to wear your GREEN!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

{....autographs please!}

She was amazing! She looked teeny tiny to me up there, but she acted BIG & all grown up!! So... without further delay...... I give you "Charlotte's Web"- 3rd grade style!


Here she is with the girls backstage...


Here she is with Wilbur at "The State Fair".


This one cracks me up!
Good thing- cause Charlotte died in the next scene & I couldn't see through my mascara....


... all said and done!


~the entire cast~


... the surprise "cast only" party!!!


The kiddos LOVED it!!!!


A few cameo appearances from 2 of their biggest fans.
The little bros came to the party too & the girls welcomed them with open arms. I {heart} these girls!!!


3rd GRADE!!!

{the parts we play...}

Today my sweet girl is playing the part of an announcer {the cutest MOST accessorized one y'all ever did see} at the fair in her 3rd grade class production of "Charlotte's Web". She is in no uncertain terms VERY nervous, & I'm not going to pretend... me too! She has a small part {per her parent's request}, but has gotten past that & has embraced the whole play very very well. She told me last night that in the event that- "Fern, Charlotte, Mrs. Zuckerman, Mrs. Arble, Lurvy, the goose, the sheep, or even Wilbur herself couldn't make it, she has their parts down cold & she would happily fill in!" I didn't even know how to react to that... I just kept thinking of the parts that we play in this life. How they may not be what we expected, but they are the ones that God wants us in right now. These parts, small as they may seem, are getting us ready for our leading role one day. It's funny how we are staring in a role everyday of our lives. We are clapped for some days, praised on others. Still, oftentimes we are criticized & mocked for our performances. I hope to someday leave a legacy to my fans {=my kiddos} that even the smallest roles that I played- I did with all my heart, as though unto the Lord........


I thought it would be fun the throw the class a SURPRISE "Cast Member's Only" party afterwards. They have all worked so hard- they deserve it!!!!! I made these little Wilbur inspired mud-cakes for them.


My sweet Priss made this for Mrs. Miller {today is teacher appreciation day too}. Aren't these little flowers precious? And the blue beads for water- FABULOUS! I wonder where she gets it from {wink wink}!!!


We got up early to roll her hair & go over her lines. Oh the agony of wearing your heart on the outside of your body {=being a mother}. But in the words of A-man this morning- "We love you Prissy, NOT gonna STOP!!"
***Say a prayer for my little Announcer today around 10ish.
I'll be back tomorrow with some pics!!!!***

Thursday, March 01, 2012

{it could happen to anyone...}

Have you ever had one of those moments where you are surprised at your own reaction? I did recently & I am SO thankful for it! Let me begin by telling you that my husband works very long hours, nearly everyday {including meetings weekly}, & is on-call 2 weeks & weekends out of the month. Needless-to-say his time is precious to ALL of us. The A-man asks me {nearly} everyday if "Daddy has a meeting tonight" or "is it Daddy's 1/2 day"- Joey gets about 2 afternoons off a month. Usually during those 2 afternoons he goes biking {his 2nd passion in life next to watching Star Wars with the A-man}. Then he works it out to pick Prissy up for me on his way home- it's a win/win for ALL! Which brings me to the point of this story- YES I have one. The other afternoon he was pulling into the driveway {I heard the garage}. Then, I heard this horrible crash... I had often wondered what would happen if he forgot that his bike was on top his car. After all he is human & I did ask him to: pick up some milk at the market on his way, return a call from the office, & pick up the mail - {all of which were after he finished biking}. So when I heard the crash- I knew what it was immediately. I opened wide the door & saw my sweet husband still sitting in the car with his head down. I slipped on my shoes & opened up his door. "Honey" I said "that could have happened to anyone!" {and I surprised both him & myself}. He smiled at that point. I helped him get the bike down, he assessed the damage, & I swept up the pile of our once upon a time motion light.... He hugged me again for saying what I did & we never spoke of it again. NOW fast forward to last week. I was on my way to pick up Prissy from ballet & saw a tag sale.... Y'all now I have no self control. I ended up getting a HUGE bookshelf that just so happened to fit perfectly into my NEW car. I tried to be so careful, but in the end.... I scratched the bumper pretty bad. I felt that sick feeling that you get when you know you are going to get in trouble! Does that ever go away? I stewed the whole way to ballet. When I got there I borrowed a black Sharpe permanent marker to try to "lesson" the obvious disaster. To no avail I swallowed my pride & begged Prissy to keep the secret. Then I felt even worse. "Never mind Prissy" I said in what I believe to be my most pitiful voice ever. "Momma doesn't keep secrets from Daddy, I'm sorry that I asked you to." "That's okay Momma- I won't say anything anyway" she winked. Again- (Mother of the Year) now my child feels like she is in cahoots with me... So we pulled into the drive- only to find Joey home from his meeting early. Ordinarily this would thrill me- NOT this night. I quickly asked Cooner to come outside {she was visiting}. She said we could take it to the body shop tomorrow & no one would have to know. I {heart} a mother's love- it's the next best thing to Jesus! Then I decided to come clean.... "Joey" I whispered through the garage door hoping he wouldn't hear me "could you help me unload something". In what seemed like seconds, he was there. I pointed to the scratch {a very loose term to say the least}. He did what any guy does I guess & ran his finger over it... Then he said & I'll NEVER forget it- "Babe- it could have happened to anyone!" Y'all I cried right then & there! I hugged that man the biggest hug that he had ever been given. Then I smiled knowing that this life is ALL about choosing the right reaction.

p.s. My reading through the bible in a year homework included this today...

Proverbs 21:19
"It is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman."