Friday, January 30, 2009

"pay it forward"

"Momma why is she treating you like a tax collector"?- (as you will find Josey takes the bible lessons every night VERY literal) she whispered while I continued to hold for what seemed like hours.... The conversation had gone on and on and Josey- only hearing bits and pieces could see that I was very upset. "yes mam I did order the shoes- it has been about 5 weeks now, no mam I did not get the phone calls that they were in........ Yes I can hold again". Finally I was able to acknowledge Josey's questions... "well", I jokingly whispered, "she could be Jesus and it is important to be nice to everyone". The minute the words left my lips I stopped to think what I had said. You know there is truth in that. The bible says "whatever we do for the least of our brothers, we are doing unto HIM"... so when she finally returned only to say- "I'm sorry Mrs. Harris, but we must have sold those shoes- would you like us to re-order them? It will take about 3 weeks." I calmly (Josey in my lap) replied, "no thank you, but do have a fabulous day- I will check in with you for summer shoes". "love your Enemies"- I know that seems harsh "enemies" by way of a store clerk? well YES- "if you love those who love you, what reward will you get- Matthew 5:46. Think about what an opportunity I had... I was a witness to the store clerk and most importantly to my daughter (believe me, I am not always so level headed- but I want to be). Just think about the last time you totally lost your cool- what would have been the outcome if you would have showed love instead? I believe that if we ALL "Paid it forward"- doing nice things: (hold a door for someone, pay for the dinner at the table next to you, offer to babysit, or simply SMILE back when you get the opportunity). Ya'll this could be contagious!!!!
I know from experience that you can NOT out-give God. He will bless you and it will be abundantly- He promises us that!!!!! I mean really, it is just as simple as being "nice". I challenge
you to do it- I think you may like the feeling.......

ok here are some new pics as promised!!!!!

all ready to pay-it-forward @ school- isn't she precious!!!!
we are starting a "project for acts of kindness"
I'll share more in the future....

this is A-man- saying his new word...
he says it with his whole face- what a blessing he is!!!!!!

this is my new grand-daughter-doll:
Lucy Danyell. She is sweet and always polite-
she does of course have a wonderful mother (Josey) so I am
not surprised! Lucy- from "little Bear" and Danyell from "me".
I feel quite honored to be mentioned among the
the brood: Anna Kay, Ruby, & Precious Birthday Cake Harris.

in the spirit of all things "fancy" we hosted a "Mommy & Me"
tea party for some of Josey's friends and their (daughters)
........to meet Lucy Danyell

meet: Lucy Danyell (in the hot pink party dress), Samantha, Mia
& Lizzy. What fun we had- I feel like I am getting to revisit
my girlhood- and OH what a blast I am having!!!!!

p.s. please keep Kristy (my BFF in IN), Michelle (my dear sister-in-law), Jodi (my super-fun friend here), and Brooke (my sweet friend Sheri's s-n-l) in your prayers- they are ALL expecting and I pray for protection and health over their precious blessings!

one more note... I went out to dinner last night to celebrate a dear friends B-day (Happy Birthday Jenny) you are such a sweet person, I am so glad that God has brought you into my life.... Ladies, if you get the opportunity to get out.. GO for heaven's sake, it will bless your socks OFF!!!!!


  1. NO I did not post this @ 4:15- good gracious me!!!!

  2. How precious are those pictures! I only wish that you all lived closer! My friend, Lynde, took a picture of the bump today... 21 weeks... and I will post it as soon as she sends it to me! I loved your post today!!!! It is so true... and I need to practice what you have preached! Love you!