Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the ways to your man's heart....

are not the worst things to know!  I {like many of you I'm sure} juggle the ever present balance of children, work, housework, church, CHILDREN, and then our marriage seems to sorta fall in last.  Why is it that the blessing that I thank Jesus for the most, is the very thing that I neglect?  I'm convicted today NOT because I am NOT the perfect wife {that's an entirely different post}, but because I am NOT the wife that I know that God has called me to be most of the time.  If you knew that your tone and your mood could sway your husband from glee to anguish wouldn't you answer the phone differently when he called on his way home?  And perhaps you would bite your tongue when he forgot something and actually NOT be forthright with ALL of the gory details of ALL the bad behavior of the world as he pulls off his neck tie.......  Today I read this {post} from Life in Grace.  I have never even me the woman but love her wise words on her blog about marriage.  Often times teachers get the better education than their pupils or so I believe as I am training up these babes of mine.  As I sing and point out the fruits of the spirit, I see that I too have a lot to work on.  A friend of mine wrote me the sweetest kindest note asking me to "mentor" her as a new bride.  Me mentor???  It scared me half out of my mind to think that #1 I'm old enough to be a mentor {when did that happen} & #2 that someone has been watching me.... But it also makes me want to be the kind of bride that knows the ways to her man's heart. 


Also- last night his meeting went great!  The food was a hit & although nobody commented on the clean floors... the empty plates made my heart smile!  Afterwards my Joey brought in the dishes and the crock pot and said the sweetest thing.  He said- "I was easy to love".  It's funny how much power the tongue has "the power of life and death".  In that instant, all was right in the world!  And I wanted desperately to be "easy to love" more often.   Which reminds me of the title to the post- my man loves food.  Which in turn has made me want to cook more... which will in turn make him happier.... see the pattern??  I'm making homemade veggie soup tonight {my Grandma Sissy's recipe- you will LOVE it}.  Although I use a crock pot and she would have never owned such a beast- ha!  I hope this encourages you to find the way to your man's heart....  

1lb stew beef
1 large bag of frozen veggies
1 32oz can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
1 can french onion soup
1 package beefy onion soup mix
2-4 red potatoes diced {add in about 2 hrs before serving}
2 tablespoons of sugar
**optional** 1 cup fresh kale ~diced deceptively to look like parsley :)

**simmer on low all day until you want to dive right on in yourself**
{serve with crusty bread & leftover cinnamon rolls}

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