Monday, January 06, 2014

"no complaining in 2014…."

NO doubt y'all already know what happened in Downton last night??  I have to wait until Monday nights to watch… but I'm thankful.  Or as Joey would say "what I think you meant to say is that you are thankful we can watch it right?"  he he.  We are trying NOT TO COMPLAIN here at Harris house in 2014……  only 6 days in and it seems a bit daunting.  I'm quick to "what I think you meant to say was.." to the kiddos but a dose of my own medicine is hard to swallow.  However- I am so THANKFUL!  For ALL my blessings.  Not just the ones that I write about but the food in my fridge and the air in my lungs.  It just takes one shift a week at the hospital to remember that this life is only a vapor.  And our tomorrows can make us bite our tongues and pray for problems such as not having cable….  Today I'm cherishing the laundry- trying to smile as I wash and hang dry the clothes from the little lovin' kiddos that God has given me.  I shutter to think about what I have missed in A-man's pockets… cause I do hear something rather noisy in the wash :) But I know that one day I would love to have this season back.  One filled with questions about "why we must eat vegetables?" "why our hair is SO CURLY?" and "why momma cries when she hears her babies pray out loud?"  


P.S.  am I the only sappy girl who swoons over this kind of sentiment? 
 I mean really….  
Why can't we talk like this anymore???

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