Tuesday, November 11, 2014

to: his pretty little wife

No doubt you have heard me say things about A-man's "pretty little wife"?  We speak of her as though she is in the other room.  I mention her at the slight roll of the eyes about my dinner selection... like pinto beans.  When I serve him I say "now would you do that to your pretty little wife if she made beans for you?"  "No Ma'am, but I sure hope her mommy is teaching her how to make eggs." he says.  Tonight at ballet {we are starting TECH WEEK this weekend which is the final frontier to the recital... Heaven Help Us All!!}, A-man said "I hope my pretty little wife does not like ballet!"  I had to laugh knowing full well that if she did- he would too.  It's who he is.  It's who his Daddy is!  

Today is my sweet helpmate's 40th b-day..  We celebrated in true Harris fashion... only a little less publicly.  My sweet Jo-bo prefers just us.  He says "he would choose the 3 of us out of the whole entire world to celebrate with"- and I truly believe him.  

A-man and I decided to make him a jar of 40+ reasons why we {heart} him.  I cut the slips of paper and grabbed a pencil.  A-man pulled up a chair.  Then 10 minutes later {I kid you NOT} we were all out of paper and still thinking of things we loved about Joey.  I mean that's the kind of guy he is!  

We enjoy him!

He loves Jesus!

He's kind!

He makes things more fun!

He's easy going!

He doesn't care what others think!

He likes eggs!

I feel like I pray for my children's helpmates as often as I think of  them {which is often}.  But... his "pretty little wife"- she gets extra!  I know her momma is training her up this very minute to be the perfect compliment for my sweet A-man.  And so I feel certain that she will know how to cook eggs.

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