Wednesday, July 29, 2015

.. and then she was 12

I can NOT believe that my little once shadow is 12 today.  
So far this is what I know about you sweet Prissy..

* are kind hearted 
* are naturally beautiful  
* are very FUNNY and witty & have the best laugh
* are very much an artist
{my "keep" art box for you is overflowing- 
and I only keep the best!} 
* are my go-to fashion consultant
* are a wonderful baker
 {sorry that I only recently let you mess up the 
kitchen by yourself. please forgive me}
* are a great singer
{and can hear a song once and know it!}
* are very clever
* are very generous 
* are awesome at braiding 
* have a way of making others at ease
* are such a beautiful ballerina
* are easily embarrassed 
* got a new freckle yesterday
 {I'm gonna call her Francis}


This is what I want you to remember sweet girl..

* I loved you from the minute I peed on the stick.. 
but when they handed you to me- we became soul mates!
* no matter where I am.. I'm your biggest fan
{day and night!}
* cast your cares on the Lord.. 
{believe it or not?  He loves you even more than me!}
* wear sunscreen
* always be gracious.. it serves you well!
* modest is hottest 
{I know... enough already}
* learn to forgive quickly
* be slow to speak... 
* when life gets tough- PRAY.  then shop!
* eat your veggies
* you don't have to have the newest or priciest-
{thrifting is way more fun}
* try not to compare yourself to others.. 
{it's a joy-stealer}
* set goals for yourself
* don't be in a hurry to wear make-up
* marry someone who loves you without it.
{a guy just like your Daddy}
* remember your actions, not your belongings - define you!
* you don't need to wash your hair everyday.. but you MUST wash your face!
* a few tiny bites of cookie dough won't kill you
* go to college and get a degree you can use
* be kind!  

your Momma,

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