Sunday, February 01, 2009

"the list"

OH MY GOODNESS, have ya'll seen 'Fireproof'???? It is an awesome movie for every couple to see. I laughed, cried, but whats more- I wanted to love my spouse more. Sooooo in the spirit of "paying it forward"- I did what any freakishly organized person would do...... I made a list. This list was a thankfulness list that was long overdue!! Eph 4:29- "do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building up others". My list started out basic- (mostly things that I took for granted, I wanted to bless him by remembering tiny things), then ended with me getting the bigger blessing. I saw maybe for the first time how truly BLESSED that I am.......

My I love Joey because list:

1. he is our (my) spiritual leader and makes God a priority & fun to learn about everyday
2. he loves playing dress-up with Josey (even allowing jewelry and make-up if her majesty pleases
3. he changes out my razor in the shower all on his own
4. he makes sure that whatever car I will be driving has plenty of gasoline
5. he asks "how was your day ?" everyday!
6. I appreciate it that when he and Ashton are rough-housing, he incorporates dainty Josey into play by allowing her to be the princess who can save them all with a gentle kiss
7. I love & admire his courage to stand up for Christ and what is right- even when it is not easy
8. he is a wonderful provider and spending time with his family figures into his career path
9. he is our protector- he always makes the children and I feel safe and at ease when we are afraid
10 he is patient- ALL the time!
11 he gets the children out of bed and started on breakfast most mornings- letting me sleep in an extra 1/2 hour
12 he takes Prissy to school nearly every morning & tells me how proud he is to walk her into her classroom
13 he is a wonderful disciplinarian- I know that this will keep our children on the right path
14 he teaches respect to our children by example- always respecting me himself
15 he is funny- and can make me laugh at a moments notice
16 he appreciates me and says "thank you" for the small behind- the-scenes things that I do for our family
17 he always calls on his way home- to see if I need anything
18 he tells me that I am a wonderful mother to his children
19 he understands that I sometimes need to get away for a big-girl-break, and encourages time out with the girls or my "blog-time"
20 although he knows NO treasures on earth- he appreciates the fact that I love pretty things and always compliments me on the children's appearances. he can now comfortably use the words "smocked" and "window treatment" in everyday jargon
21 he puts "bottom cream" on Ashton - even when I am not home and cares about how many fruits they eat daily
22 he tucks hair bows and cars into his pockets when we are out- so they will not get lost (even without thinking)
23 he is willing to humble himself and admit to me or the children when he is wrong
24 he unloads the dishwasher if he sees it has finished
25 he irons my clothes along with his and the children's to help me with the getting ready process
26 he warms our PJ's (Prissy's & mine) while we are in the bath and warms the bed with the heating pad- just to have his girls giggle with delight in all the spoiling
27 he sets a very high standard for Josey looking for a Godly husband and for Ashton being one- by first being one himself
28 he is generous with EVERYTHING, all of the time- with no hesitation
29 even through 2 pregnancies, sleep deprivation, bed rest for nearly 5 months, extremely low meal standards, and completely letting myself go on most days- he tells me "you are beautiful"
30 He makes me believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all love praise (whether or not we would like to publicly admit it). Try this on the one you love- you never know when someone needs "to be under the spout where all the blessings pour out"!!!!

Who couldn't love a man who
would wear a tiara for his "little Lady"???

Happy 13th

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  1. Ashly,

    Your blog is amazing. I feel like I am blessed a little with each entry. I am going to make an I love Jeremy list. How amazing to put all those "little things" in writing. Thank you for sharing this with me!