Tuesday, December 18, 2012

on boys....

This is what I found as I opened the garage tonight...  A-man {thanks to Cooner who said "every little 5 yr old boy needs a pocket knife Ashly Danyell} in the garage...in a box... with a pocket knife... and a stick...  He was whittling! He had gloves on  {thanks to my smart little Prissy who insisted that he wear them "as to not cut a finger off Momma- I knew you would have wanted it that way"}. 


 After a very long 65 minutes {and countless checking in on him by me :) } he emerged with this.  He was so proud.  When I asked him the question that the entire room was wondering {yet hadn't the nerve to ask}- "WOW sweet boy what ya got there?}.  "A knife- do you want to see it?"  We all gathered around & drank in all of his accomplishment.  I {heart} my boy from the top of his sweaty headed curly head to the tips of this tiny little toes!!!!!  Heaven help us ALL when he gets his Christmas gift from Uncle Travis....

**sorry this pic is dark- I had to pry it from his sleeping fingers to get a pic of it**

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