Monday, December 17, 2012


"No one will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you are the only ones that know what my heart sounds like from the inside!"


{a re-post...} Last night Prissy asked us to write out things that we liked about each other- I thought it was totally brilliant. We each wrote down {after her careful instructions} on the paper {that she chose for us} the things.... Then she said "Mommas turn first, everyone tell her what she does that you like." It was so wonderful to hear what they really like-it wasn't the fancy dinners, the handmade costumes, or even the parties {gasp} that made the list. But instead- "I love your smile & how you give me lots of lovin' in my bed & you are good at washing my hair."- per the A-man. Prissy said, "I love Mommas sweetness, her encouraging me when I draw, she is always nice, & she helps me at ballet. She is just the best Momma ever!" And YES I cried & hugged their necks off. Then my sweet husband said, "You're a great runner, you are the best mom ever, you are unselfish when it comes to giving to others, & you are good at sewing." I smiled through the tears then, especially how running was high on the list- {it cracks me up what makes them proud}. All the while knowing that these are the 'good ole days & I am loving every minute of them!!!

I am hugging my little ones tighter today it seems.... All the while praying my guts out for the ones who don't have their sweet babes.  I am enjoying the mundane things that seem to come & go without any grand occasion {bath time, reading together, hair brushing, just sweet little looks when they come into the room}...  Thank You Jesus for another day with them!!!!!!

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