Thursday, January 08, 2015

Oh happy day!

Happy 2015 Y'all!!
  We are just 8 days in and I'm loving it already.  My sweet {patient} husband mentioned last month that "he missed me".  That was my FINAL wake up call {cause near death insomnia and 3rd degree glue gun burns just weren't enough} to start saying "no".  "I can do it!"  I have already done it!  I say "NO!"  Now don't misunderstand my good upbringing.  I say it politely...  I do.  I even practiced it before hand- knowing that when 01-01-2015 came... I was going to begin. 

 So when they ask.. I say.
"Oh I think that's a great idea.  I'm so sorry that I can't help right now. I know that it will be awesome.  I'm flattered that you thought of me."

It works!
The world does not in fact end!
I can make a hot meal for my family {regularly}

I actually ran outside yesterday- it was glorious!!!!

Also.. I have a blue millions updates to put on here.. but in the mean time... As I was pleasure reading this morning {be still my heart}, I read this-

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