Thursday, February 05, 2015

the little things.. that I love about him!

On Thursday nights...  Joey picks Prissy up from ballet and I take the trash out.

I hate the trash (it's menfolk work) but I do it...  EVERY Thursday night.

And... EVERY Thursday night- my Ashton talks to me from the front door.

I never say "go talk to me  because I'm scared and it's dark!"

I just say "it's time for me to take the trash".

Tonight... Like EVERY Thursday.  I opened the garage, mustered my courage (I am after all afraid though I dare not say it) and run with the can to the end of the driveway...  All the way hearing him..

"Hi mommy, I see you mommy, don't fall, good job!"

It actually hurts, the way I love him

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