Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{hello sweet Tigist}

Well folks I have hit a little glitch in my Africa photos. See, most of the children that I met had NEVER seen themselves let alone a camera... so when I let them see themselves after taking pictures... Well to make a long story short I let them pass the camera around {which I would totally do again just to see their faces when they saw themselves for the 1st time}... but you can surely see where this story is going? YES the camera got dropped and well... the rest of the pictures along with the last days of my trip are lost. NO worries though- I did manage to get a few pics of Tigist & I together with my phone. She was just as I expected- sweet & gentle. As it turns out, she had gotten married just 5 days before we met- I haven't gotten that letter yet, {she is after all 18}, and her new husband was positively precious too- Dominq. They held hands and looked very much in love- I'm very pleased with her choice {he too is a follower of Jesus}! I asked her what she did while Dominq was away at work during the day {he bikes 1 hr 1 way to his job everyday, but is lucky to have a job so he doesn't complain about his commute AT ALL}, she said "well.. I do my household chores... then- I jump rope!" She was so innocent and proud of herself. I told her that I too could jump rope & she hugged me even tighter {I think she was proud of me too}. We had a marvelous visit, asking questions back & forth for hours. I bought her a shower {her 1st ever} at the hot springs there where we met. It was amazing- just this simple 3 walled natural hot spring. They had a men's & women's section and she thought it was amazing. I just marveled at how much I take running water for granted. I also bought her & Dominq a soda and their 1st ice creams- you should have seen them eating them {they didn't know to turn the cone & lick- I just kept thinking that my A-man would have loved teaching them ALL about ice cream!}! We had the day out of our lives & ended our visit with a few gifts. I showered her with frivolous things that I wanted her to have like {lip gloss, nail polish, & sun glasses} and practical things like {clothes, medicine, & toiletries}. She accepted every single gift with hugs & total contentment {just the way that I always want Prissy & A-man to act when getting gifts}. I cried off & on during our visit- knowing that it was a once in a lifetime day & also that the day would eventually end... Our parting was tearful too, but knowing that she has Dominq and that she is happy- made it a little easier for me. I know that God has Tigist in the palm of his hand and that is better than in my arms!!! Please keep her in your prayers for me....


p.s. here is a little picture from my roomie Meagan of me passing out some By "A"- my company has now gone International!!! If I ever go back to Africa- I'm taking an entire suitcase of hair bows!!!

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