Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 10th sweet Prissy girl!!

""Today it is your birthday and we sing to let you know.. that you will be queen for the day- whatever you say goes!""  I have sang that to you my darling girl since we first watched Barbie together many birthdays ago.  And I love how you want to know your birth story every year right afterwards... About how tiny you were... and how beautiful we all thought you were from the very beginning.  You are even more beautiful on the inside & that my dear girl is what I'm most proud of!  

* you have the sweetest spirit of any one I have ever known
* you have the funnest personality- and sadly my joke telling abilities {Daddy & I die laughing when we recap you and your mannerisms nearly every night- hilarious}
* you have such compassion and a giving heart that it makes me want to cry & be a much more cheerful giver!
* you were born singing and have NEVER stopped.  your voice is endearing to me & to all who hear it
* your style rivals that of pros and I would honestly wear most things you pick out
* you are a born artist & your little touches add "the cherry on top" to anything you touch
* you love cheesecake {almost as much as your Momma}
* you would rather watch My Fare Wedding than Duck Dynasty
* you have worn out 3 pairs of ballet shoes this year & are a joy to watch on stage
* you can swim like a mermaid {and I can still hear you praying to be one when you were 3}
* you are a true friend & loyal to the end
* you never really love to sweat, but would be willing to go on a family run if I go {loyal I tell you}
* you are very complimentary & that is such a wonderfully rare quality to possess at 10 much less.. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, or even 2

I have no doubt that one day you will be a star. You already are mine!  I wish you the best birthday ever my darling & more happiness than any girl deserves.  I love you more today than any momma ought to be allowed and I always will!!!!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Prissy!!!

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