Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"girls just wanna have fun!"

Priss opening up a present from A-man (he's the best little shopper- he knows how she adores those little pink & red boxes)!!!

~Maize, Bug, & Priss~
{I love that they all have mother-given nick names}

The girls taking time out after the workout for a little pampering {and funniest face contest}- they all 3 chose the sparkly purple/pink glitter polish!!!!

~the silly bandz exchange~
{with a little A-man cameo- he so wanted to see what they were up to}

~the make-up portion of the evening~
{I only wish that ya'll could have heard their sweet little squeals of delight when they opened their bags & found all of the fun!!}
{p.s. the white sofa still looks fantastic after all of this & the week of family!!!!}

~my sweet boys~
{laying low & letting the girls rule the roost, but not to worry... I had some fun things planned for them too. They were treated like royalty in the man cave (A-man's room). There they were brought eats & drinks & wanted for nothing!!!}

~handmade memory boards~
{I pre-cut the foam boards & fabric pieces for this project ahead for time. The girls just followed my directions & helped glue the 2 together. Next they made little push pins to personalize them a bit. We finished them off with some necklaces from Prissy's dress-up box to hang them with- they turned out precious & I hear that they have already found new homes in the little ladies' rooms!}

~flip flop jewelry boxes~
{they loved this one even more- I guess it didn't hurt by me giving them a little necklace kit to make & fill their box with.... NO I have NO shame}

~a little R & R~
{after a couple of craft projects... we did cleaning facials & settled down to a movie (or 2)... and busted out the glow bracelets... and of course visited the snack bar (more than once- ha ha ha)}

~may I take your order please~
{the girls awoke to the smell of bacon & french toast. I escorted them into the dining room where they found their seats...}

{they looked as precious & as grown as ever when I told them they may nibble on these pastry tower treats while I took their order from the menu.}

{"You mean we can have whatever we want?" asked Bug. "Yes Ma'am you can" Priss said (all smiles) "and seconds too & you don't have to pay for it either!"}

It was a HUGE success & I believe that we may need to do this more often..... maybe even before next summer??? By the way... a certain little 6 yr old won't be six for long!!!! She is going to be the big #7 tomorrow.....


  1. WOW!!! I am BLOWN AWAY!!! IMPRESSIVE, girl! It's no wonder you're my Set Stylist! I especially loved your table set up! SUPER CUTE!!! And once again, you thought of EVERYTHING!!! WOW!!! (MY birthday's in January.)

  2. THANK YOU for the sweet comment Tina! I can't wait to work with you again....

  3. I'm coming to the slumber party next year-I dont' care if I'm 32!! :) Your the coolest mom EVER!!! ♥Kristy

  4. COME ON OVER!!!! you are always welcome........