Monday, July 19, 2010

"slumber-party prep..."

so... in keeping with my promise to help my Priss out with her summer goal list... we are hosting our 1st ever slumber party tomorrow night (to celebrate her 7th birthday... YIKES where have the years gone?). We kept the list down to 2 friends (I thought that best- since it's our 1st go around)- she was just thrilled to be having anyone stay over!!! Here is the little invitation:

We'll polish your nails
both fingers & toes,
put blush on your cheeks
& powder your nose.
An evening of pampering
filled with fun things to do,
the Harris Overnight Spa
has a vacancy for you!

I went to Target yesterday {I heart you Target} and just look what I found in the $1.00 bins....
These flip-flops are the perfect last minute accessory to put this slumber party in the record books for "fanciest party ever"!!!!!

A little glue & a little ribbon & TA-DA!!!!!!
I know these will be crowd pleasers... The Harris Overnight Spa has thought of everything from: pj's & slippers-to-beach bags & flip flops!!! I only hope that life as they knew it before the spa will somehow be enough- ha ha ha! Gotta run now- and have the little BIG birthday girl finalize the breakfast menu....

p.s. I'll be back later this week with more of the fun!!!!

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