Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"slumber party must-haves..."

Today we are busy BUSY turning our beautiful home into the Harris Ooh La La Overnight Spa (oh how I wish that I were a guest here tonight... but I have to work!!!!). The girls are starting out @ the pool where they will run through a light work out- {ha ha}, eat some junky dinner items that I'm sure they will love {& I know this because Priss picked them out- McD's nuggets & pizza- sorry moms... they will get some healthy food to, but mostly sugar this evening.. Don't blame me- I only work here!} & then onto the make-over portion. {Prissy & I have decided these are MUST-HAVES for any successful sleep-0ver}

~the goody bag~
@ the Harris Overnight Spa we pride ourselves on... well anything FANCY!!!
Each personalized bag will consist of:
lipstick, fun fancy pens & paper, stickers, lipstick, necklace kits, painting kits, lipstick, friendship bracelets, silly bandz, lipstick, scrapbooks, custom flip flops, make-up, lipstick, jewelry box kits, & did I mention lipstick? {"a girl can never have too many" she says... & who am I to argue with the Birthday Girl???}

~personalized flashlights~
I thought it best to make them as fancy as possible, but I think they will prove to be functional as well- since it is a strange house & maybe a little scary @ night {although I promise NOT to turn the lights off!!}

~proper night-time attire~
every luxurious spa accommodates their guests with complementary night shirts don't they??? Well if not they should... Priss has been dying to wear these since we tie-dyed them 1 month ago. {I think that they look super sweet & YES they are personalized!}

well.... let's just say... we have it covered & the snack bar will be open ALL night long!!!
{I thought this was an easy way to let the girls get a little pick-me-up between the pampering, the crafting, the movie watching & other fun activities!!}

We have redefined the meaning of "craft time" & I know that the girls will have a ball- I can't wait to share them with you later this week!! Gotta run & get the salon ready- wish me luck...


  1. Oh, how FUN!!! I can't wait to see more photos + to hear how it all went!!!!! Oh, what a joy it must be to have a girl!!!!


  2. I think I have said this before but you are AMAZING and I love that you share all of your beautiful "endings" with us! It always gives me wonderful ideas for the future! Thank you Ashley! and Happy Anniversary!

  3. I love the flashlight and nightshirt ideas! So cute and since I'm sure sleepovers are in my future, I'll be borrowing your ideas. Thanks!

  4. How fun! I can't wait for my daughter to hit this stage. So much to look forward too.

  5. Hi do you mind me asking where you found the flashlights? I have been searching the web for flashlights to decorate for a backyard campout! Thanks!