Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"this is dedicated to the one I love"

9 years ago today.... I said "I do" to my best friend.... I remember feeling so calm that day- to the point that both Kristy & Cooner swore that I was medicated!!! NO... I was confident that he was the one & excited about our life together. Now 9 short years later- what a journey we have had... 2 BEAUTIFUL children that we BOTH adore & more blessings than we can count. Looking back on our wedding day, I can still hear my vows in my head (we chose to write our own- however we BOTH say that we couldn't do it again).

"Joey- although this moment in our lives is very short, I know that our love will last an eternity. Meeting each other was our beginning, making it to this day has been our progress, & loving each other will be our success. I promise to walk with you as your equal & to listen to you as your friend. I will shield you from pain & protect you from loneliness. I will help you in times of need & encourage you in your trials. I will cheer in your triumphs & smile in your joys. Take my hand & know that you have found your soul-mate. Look into my eyes & see our future together. A doorway has now been opened for us into a new world & I look forward to exploring that world with you from now until forever. I Love You.... grow old with me.."

"with this ring I thee wed & say unto the world- this is my husband of whom I cherish above all others.."

Our church requires pre-marital counseling (an EXCELLENT idea I think) & I remember our Pastor asking us to find a scripture that defined our marriage. Mine is from Song of Solomon -
"I have found the one of whom my soul loves.."~ SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so today I say "thank you sweet Joey- I can't wait to grow old with you..."

p.s. I'll fill ya'll in on the details of what is @ the end of this string tomorrow.....

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