Monday, September 13, 2010

"now ya see it...

now ya don't!" this week I'll be sharing a few little before & afters that I've been working on over that last 2 weeks {or should I say Joey?}.

When I was on bed rest.... I would lay in bed and decorate, then re-decorate, arrange, then re-arrange furniture in my bedroom @ least a 1,000 times a day in my head. But the one thing that I said I would do as soon as I could was this:

{do you see the 50 different cords coming out from the TV, the yucky back splash- with vent holes (and one giant hole that you can't see from this angle), the messy books (my husband is reading 5 different books @ least @ 1 time), the frosted plastic magazine holder (oh wait you can't see that for the beautiful kleenex box) & the tin box/flower pot FULL of remotes & cords that you have to dump out to find anything {this pleases Joey the most- ha ha}.

This may not look like a huge difference, but I assure you it IS!!! The doors are sometimes rarely ever closed to the armoire so if it is a mess- the entire room looks a mess! I used some scrapbook paper as wallpaper {the palest of pinks of course} to cover the holes & the scratches behind the TV. Next I used a few little organizers to hold the magazines & remotes {Joey actually commented that he "liked" it- which is HUGE}. And... I did buy one new thing- I couldn't resist the little bird bead-tree {and the Lord knows I have enough to fill another one...}

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