Sunday, September 12, 2010


THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! to my sweet friends that came to the thirty-0ne party {and to the ones that ordered & didn't get to come}. It was fun just getting together & ya'll know that I love to throw parties!!! Here are some pics {however in promising NOT to take pics of Clarke- I didn't get any of you other gals either...}. I will take some of the bags that I ordered when they come in! {I can't wait to go back to the beach & show them off + I got some great teacher gifts!!!}

{yummy Lemonade with blueberries & lemons and the "H" cups were a big hit with the girls too}

...and cause I love extra touches-
I found this little cutie @ a consignment shop for next to nothing. She was suppose to be for business cards, but I {heart} her so much more sprayed cream & fixed with a little chalk-board-painted piece of cardboard! Don't you?

~Dessert tower~

and... this is my new-found free-fun-find, @ Lowe's you can get all of the scrap wood pieces that you can carry for $FREE$ {and my kiddos can carry quite a bit} this was the perfect little project for them while I got ready for my guests!!

p.s. tomorrow I'm headed to my friend Amy's house to finalize her nursery plans that we've been working on- she is using some of the same fabrics from Prissy's room & it is starting to look beautiful!! I hope that Abbey Jo loves it as much as we do!!! {I'll share some pics with you soon}

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