Monday, September 20, 2010

"old turned new..."

Okay- I've got a ba-zillion things to get done this week, but I want to show you the chairs I FINALLY finished 2 weeks ago....

Here they are {twin sister chairs- I really don't know what it is with me & pronouns when it comes to objects, but I ALWAYS do it- just go with it! Cooner bought them for me years ago for next to nothing. I almost forgot to take a before picture... I just get so excited about white that I completely forget myself!}

Now here is one of the sisters after...

{I adore this ticking fabric- for some reason it looks French to me!}

Now I just want to get a bench for the other side of the table... THEN we can finally have company & they can choose their own seat @ the table- ha ha. I always pull out chairs for our guests- I think they think it's sweet, but the truth is- the 2 antique brothers that you see on the other side are a bit scary to sit in!!!

Now I'm off to finish up our
Fall decorations....
wish we luck!!!

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