Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We are back... and what a trip it was. I'm still operating on European time {meaning I've been going strong since oh about 4:30 this morning}! I am keeping with the London tradition of tea & toast- LOVE it! I have many MANY wonderful things & pics to share about our trip including but NOT limited to: Phantom, REAL fish & chips, shopping, flea markets, flowers, castles.... but that's for another day.
The very best, most wonderful part of our trip was being with Joey. I know that sounds corny {but I think we could all use a bit more corny in our lives}. I genuinely enjoy being with my husband and these last 9 days have given us the opportunity to sow into each other's lives like we did b.c. {before children}.
He has the best way about him, the kind that makes you want to be around him {I hope our kiddos get some of that}. His sense of humor is dry & sometimes inappropriate, but hysterical & I LOVE it! I cracked up at him the entire trip!!!
I had forgotten how wonderful it felt to be swooned over again. I love holding hands {I think I had forgotten how much I do- we did a LOT of it}. I also love doors being opened for me first, without having to hold the hand of a child and whimsically having it pushed back open for me {although I do appreciate that gesture as well, it's not the same}. Or, how wonderful it is to eat an entire meal together without looking at the kid's menu & then cutting it up & then having to "persuade" them to eat all the while playing tick tack toe with a crayon, & trying to find out about his day. Don't get me wrong- the children are our pleasure & someday very soon I'm sure I'll be missing those things. But until then, I think its crucial to sow into your marriage & guard it with ALL of your heart! Now I'm good to go for another 10 years {wink wink}!!!! Now speaking of children taking your focus off of your husband... Prissy is turning 8 next week {tears would fly right now ordinarily but I'm WAY behind}. Gotta get to work on the last details of the party. See you soon mes amis!!!

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  1. awwww I am sooo happy for you - I am sure it was fabulous... I cant wait to hear all about it- I kept looking for your return. I look forward to seeing you guys in October (back for Brandons wedding). I love following you on your blog. I feel connected :)
    love you-