Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{greek feast part 1...}

....so the greek feast went better than GREAT! the kids looked amazing, they knew their parts cold & blew away the audience with their performance, the food was to die for, & the decorations... they were pretty great too {if i do say so myself- ha ha}!!! i can't wait to show y'all pics, but my camera is being mean this morning... so i gotta wait until my mr. gets home to fix it :). now back to the feast- my sweet little girl played achilles {a boy, but that's a whole different story!}. achilles' mom having loved him so much, dipped him in the river of immortality to keep him alive forever {i can totally relate to that kind of love}. alas, she grabbed him by the ankle, thus leaving that little bit- mortal. so as the story goes- paris shot achilles in that ankle killing my precious achilles {but she did die ever so gracefully- even smoothing out her dress when she fell. i had to smile & tear up all at the same time!}. the teachers made a very clear depiction of the hope that we as believers have in jesus. see the romans did not know him. they were forced to put their trust in false gods that will always {like man} let you down. the kiddos got to see the amazing gift that we have in him & got to see how powerless we are without him. it was awesome & i know they will never forget it. in fact the other classes came in to watch & they started talking about their greek feast experience it was so cool how they could really see the big picture.


i love getting to do these things for my sweet girl! and having cooner here to help... that just made it that much better!!! she left this morning... and that stinks, but i know we have to share her with you indiana peeps. but..... you had better treat her right, or we'll snatch her up again!!!!

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