Thursday, September 04, 2014

a home...

So yesterday I got a call from our realtor {from 3 yrs ago- when we had decided to try to sell}, asking if she could show our house.  I was shocked at first, especially since our house isn't even on the market, but listened as she explained how clients had loved it when touring the neighborhood.  She had some old photos on hand- that made them even more interested.  I agreed - since it was my usual cleaning day, but OH how I had forgotten the magnitude that I take with a "showing".

drains bleached
pantry gutted
master closet overhauled
fresh cut flowers all around
garage manicured
floor re-stained {don't ask}
dirty laundry moved to an undisclosed location

But.. as I cleaned my beautiful home and I mean that.  It is to me!  I remembered bringing home my babies.  I saw all of their firsts again in the living room.  I cherished the wall dings and the baseboard nicks, and suddenly I had this contentment come over me.  Then as suddenly as that melted away- I had another rushing flood of emotions come all over me.   There were the same old thoughts of wanting what my friends have- bigger houses, more rooms, more porches, more guest rooms.  more. more . more.  I finished up, they came and went... I held my breath.  All the while, I looked online at what we could buy after selling.  But... nothing looked like a home to me.  I must be getting wiser {my wisdom is definitely showing through my hair these days} because bigger is not better to me anymore.  More square footage and extra car garages don't do a thing for me.  I do so love my dishwasher, but I'm content with just one.  And mostly I know that "things" -they are fleeting & don't make you happy. 


So when she called saying that they wanted it, I could hardly speak.  We hadn't even thought of an asking price.  I told her that I would have to speak with Joey then call her back.  My stomach pitted.  I wondered what he would say? What would he think was a fair price.  It was like one of those commercials- new home $$$$$, new car $$$, new furniture $$, new pillows $, getting to grow old with the one you love in the home you built= priceless.  When he got home we looked online together at a few houses in our price range.  Nothing!  We agreed that our home is worth more to us than it is probably worth market value wise.  Now here I am at the age that I am... and I'm happy with where I am.  AMEN!!!


These are the things....

I want to hold on to.


  1. I LOVE your home. Every bit of it because you put your heart and love into it all. I am so happy for you my beautiful friend!!

  2. I adore you! and your new hair :)