Thursday, May 13, 2010

"our newest member of the family..."

We are home & back in the saddle again. A lot is going on & we are busy BUSY! Here are a few high lights drum roll please.........

this is my newest grand-daughter-doll
(Josey has been saving for her for months- she went to 1st grade this morning with her momma)

and here is a pic from Josey's class field trip to the NC Zoo
~Priss, Samie, & Sabella~
(it starting pouring rain & we went home early. A-man just kept asking where all the "aminals" were all day long?)

this is one of my favorite pics from Cooner & Papaw's visit...
This is A-man "giving up the fight" in the arms of one of his favorite guys!!!
(They played outside EVERY morning from the time Priss left for school until time to come inside for lunch- hurry back Papaw!!!!!!)

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