Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Beloved, Dear One, Dearest, Precious, Sweet One, Dear one, Sister, Darling One, Cherished One- these are just a few of the pleasantries that Beth would call me (us) in the Esther workbook each week!!! I miss being called "Cherished"- call me crazy, psycho, or just plain sensitive- but I liked it! Towards the end of our study- I actually started to circle them in my workbook (I want to speak to people like that too). Speaking of "Darling One"- my little Priss is not far off the mark either. Last week when I was driving her to school I couldn't wait to show her a short cut that I had found that not only took less time/it also was MUCH safer with less lane crossing! She responded even more enthusiastically than I would have guessed (but she is her mother's daughter & I know how these things tickle me). She just kept saying "WOW Momma- you are so clever....! & Good Job!!" Finally when I picked her up she said she needed to tell me something.... "Tell me Priss what? Did something happen @ School?" "No Ma'am.... it's just that... you know that way that we took to school this morning?? Well Daddy has been going that way all year now. You were just so excited- I didn't want to spoil it for you." She didn't want to spoil it for me.... so you see I can use all of the above mentioned pleasantries any ole' time I want! I love her!!!! Beth taught us that it is "tough being a woman", but she also reminded me that it is an honor & a privilege!!!

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