Sunday, May 09, 2010

"happy mother's day"

today is mother's day.
i'm not sure if i could possibly put into words what cooner means to me...to our family, but i'll sure try.
she's the glue that holds us all together.
our rock.
she is kind...really, really kind hearted.
she's a peace maker and a peace keeper. you know, she's the opposite of a trouble maker.
she loves people exactly where they are at..
she's not judgemental.
my brother would die for this woman. literally. he adores her.
my husband loves her too..which says enough, right? she's a really good mother-in-law.
my dad is genuinely thankful for her and how she has loved him.
she has always been a hard worker.
she should have written a book on being a homemaker.
growing up, our home was warm and welcoming.- the kind that all my friends wanted to be at...
our meals were homemade and southern...very, very southern.
she made the best lunches for me..the kind that made every other kids at school want her to be their mom.
my friends all wanted to hang out at our house because she made sure we had the best snacks & crafts.
when i had priss and i cried to her because she wouldn't follow the exact schedule that a certain book told me she should be following, she told me to burn the book and rock her to sleep.
she sends my kiddos presents for every.single.holiday.
and for no reason @ all.
she's taught me everything i ever need to know about cooking.
about cleaning.
about playing with my kiddos.
about being a good friend.
about listening.
about love in a marriage being a daily decision.
she let me tuck all my dolls into bed with me each night, and i had about 391 of them!
when i wrote my boyfriend's name all over my closet doors with markers in the 6th grade, she didn't kill me.
she is a really strong woman.
strong with a super gentle spirit.
she's exactly who i wanted to grow up and be just like.
happy mother's day cooner.

i love you...

and let me also say-
god has given me a wonderful mother-in-law too. how blessed i am among this company of women in my life!


  1. Dearest Daughter, I have cried my eyes out over your generous comments about me & our lives. There has never been a more beautiful & loving Daughter in this world than my Ashly. I love you always, Mom

  2. That is SOOOOO beautiful!!!!!