Monday, May 03, 2010

"hello again..."

well.... we made it through the recital (she was the MOST precious little green frog that ya'll have ever seen)- I promise you can ask anyone!!!! I did manage to fix 10 little heads of hair into ballet buns, do their complete make-up, organize snacks, re-sew an almost ruined tutu for Grace, & actually paint my toe-nails the day of the recital.... but my camera would NOT work. O-ya & I had a tag sale with 2 other girlfriends on the morning of- YIKES!!!!!!!

(thank you Lexi for taking this with my phone)

p.s. please keep the Harris family in your prayers- my father-in-law is nearing the end of his fight with Alzheimer's & words cannot convey the sadness that comes with it..... Please pray for the peace that only God can give to Jeff, Jamie, & Joey. I praise GOD for saving Jim & I know that he is going to be waiting for us all in heaven one day!

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  1. Prayers for peace for your family. I pray that you will have the right words to be of comfort and strength to your family.