Monday, May 24, 2010

"farewell Sweet Catherine..."

Yesterday Priss & I attended a Tea Party to say goodbye to her precious ballet teacher Miss Catherine (she has been guest teaching with our ballet company from England this past year)! She is both beautiful on the inside & out. We will miss her desperately, but I know that her "mum" (as she calls her) will be very glad to see her sweet face! We wish her the very best!!! I couldn't help cry (surprise surprise- ha ha) when all the girls climbed up into her lap for hugs @ the end....

~Priss & Megamy~
taking time out from the yummy tea & goodies to "cheese it up". They have become fast friends this year- and soon they will be graduating from Sapphires to Rubies!!!

in other news.... my sofa is here!!!!!!!! I have to make some pillows to try to better marry her with the rest of the house??? But for now- we are just enjoying her & all the cushy comfy snuggling that comes along with her!!!!

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