Friday, May 28, 2010

"teacher gifts"

Despite.... my SEVERE case of poison ivy, the hectic loose ends to tie up during the last week of school & ballet, & getting ready for my new little side-job (I'll share more on that next week)... we are making it... PRAISE GOD!!!! I had one last duty as "class mom" this year & it included end of year teacher gifts???

I thought & thought of something FAB & never done before.... but my brain is moosh & as I told ya'll before I've got blisters on top of blisters (hence my sleep deprivation, countless trips to the pharmacy, then finally a complete lack of pride=shot in my you know where)... Anyway we did gift cards & I put this together with Mrs. White's favorite flowers to personalize it a bit. {first start with an empty lemonade container- then put a rubber band around it & start adding the pencils- next cover up the ugly rubber band with pretty ribbon- Wa-LA!!!} I hope that her sweet teachers feel blessed, just as we do for all of their hard work this year!!!

Mrs. White & Mrs. Hudson!!!

Now we are off to the end of year awards ceremony (which I already cried my eyes out over once already & that didn't include all of the awards- it's just who I am...). Here are some pics from field day yesterday...

~A-man & Luke~
(just before getting 2 splinters in his fingers- his 1st splinter surgery of the summer occurred just as soon as we got home- it's the RN in me. He really is a tough guy- minimal tears & said "he didn't need any band aide, keep those for Priss"- I cracked up @ him walking up stairs to show Priss with his shoulder all puffed out... what a boy!)

Priss really had a great time this year- Thank you Jesus (I told ya'll that she didn't want to go & we've been praying for this day for a good solid week now)!!!

p.s. if anyone got any good pics of my kiddos PLEASE e-mail them to me....

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