Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Happy Father's Day"

I recently read this little quote:

"a woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man has to seek HIM to find her"

Today I celebrate my precious husband who earnestly seeks God daily on behalf of our marriage & our family! He is the kind of man that I pray that my precious Priss finds as her help mate & the kind of man that I pray my darling A-man grows up to be like. God placed him in my life for many reasons, but as far as partners in parenting goes.. "I'd say he's boss!" So on behalf of all the little folks that I've grown... we want to say :

"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, we love you PICKLE!!!!!"

and of course I want to say:

to my daddy too. For ALL the times you said "yes" when I know you should have said "no" & for all the love that you have given me.... I love you PICKLE!!!!!!!


"HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" to my wonderful father-in-law Jim! You are missed in our family everyday & honored today among fathers! We love you PICKLE too!!!

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