Monday, June 28, 2010

"a re-post that changed my plans for the day..."

Today I did something that I haven't done lately...... I played with my children. No I don't mean that I sat down until the washer finished, or colored until the pot boiled. I mean play!!! I can remember my very best memories as a child were not the most expensive or most hyped-up events. They were taking old quilts to the "big tree" for picnics, making lawn chair mansions on the sidewalk, going to the drive-in theatre, & making dolly dresses with Cooner. We would sit together for what seemed like hours, without any agenda but my own. I LOVED IT!!!! I remember thinking even then that I was going to be just like her....... Now, I get all caught up in the duties of motherhood and forget to think of their childhoods. It is as you know slipping right through our fingers everyday- at a very fast pace! The house will one day be empty, but the dishes & laundry (I assure you) will still remain. So I decided to let it all go for a day: I built a giant castle with Ashton- several times, I arranged then rearranged his Automoblox cars- until he moved on to another adventure, I got girly with Priss and we painted each others toenails, I colored 3 pages- I love coloring, it is so relaxing, I drank 2 WHOLE pots of imaginary tea, and lots more. I let the kiddos plan the afternoon- they loved going from one thing to the next, to the next. Today I did not win any stunning awards from "Good Housekeeping" or "le table" for my clean house or scrumptious dinner. However I did win @ Candy Land and that means way more to me!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Dearest i read your blog & remembered all our fun we had as you grew up. I want one of those smoothy pops too. Love always cooner