Thursday, June 10, 2010

"summer va-cay"

(I L-O-V-E my new "Mary Poppins" sun hat- @ first I think my little family was a bit shocked/embarrassed... but they quickly changed their tune when people started asking me where I found her- (TJ Maxx of course)
well... we are back from our summer Va-cay & we ALL agreed that it was the BEST yet!!! The children are @ such great ages & there is so much to do now with them. We went to North Myrtle & stayed @ our usual spot (we've been going there even before the kiddos were born- about 10 yrs now). We have some faithful traditions: early beach walks in the morning, water park & pool trips everyday, shopping, pizza cafe (amore pie is the best!), long naps in the afternoons, & a little night life in the evenings! SOOO fun that we're going back next month with Cooner & Papaw!!!!!

these belong to my little chunky footed, curly haired (I can't begin to remember how may compliments he got on his hair) little A-man...

Miss Priss posing in mid-step- she knows the drill!

A-man with his newest bucket (we got through @ least 3 a summer) he chose orange- of course!!! He loves the sand like his daddy... Priss & I- we tolerate it (ha ha)...

She can appreciate an occasional castle or 2 (she really made a pretty one this year with shells & all- I didn't get a photo- shucks!). Then she begs for some fresh water...

this guy on the other hand... he would live right on the beach- if there was coffee of course!
(p.s. I picked out these swim trunks & he wasn't sure about them... he looks like a little hottie in them! Pa-lease... how could he have doubted me???)

ahh- some fresh water... A-man wanted to go back to the ocean (which we can see from where we are sitting- kinda mean of us huh??)... then he figured out that he could swim with his new "shark float"...

so then we heard.. "you guys NO help me.. NO your hands on me PEEZE... WATCH ME.. I do it MYSELF!" and that was it! The rest of the time he was swimming on his own!

p.s.s. I want to share Prissy's summer goals with ya'll (I think that it is SO ambitious of her & I LOVE the idea of goal setting)!

1. blow a bubble with bubble gum= done she has now mastered it!
2. learning the National Anthem= DONE thanks to Cooner & I BOTH Joey & Priss now sing it proudly! (this one took me COMPLETELY by surprise)
3. cartwheel= we're working on it...
4. dive= we are almost there with that one too...
5. making friendship ankle bracelets= she learned that one in a second (it took me a few minutes though to remember back to when Kimbi & I used to make them by the 100s)
6. finish a chapter book= "Enchanted" working on it steadily...
7. back flip in the water= done as of this morning!
8. front flip in the water= done as of yesterday!!!!!!! yeah Priss
9. choreograph a dance to a song & teach it to someone= Joey is learning it- so funny!!!!
10. host a sleep-over= I plan on helping her with that one!

now if I could only start marking things off of my goal list.......


  1. cute pic! wish we were there! :-) if we some how meet up this summer i can totally help with that cartwheel goal!!!!

  2. I would LOVE that- talk to your folks & let's make it happen!!!!!!!