Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Disney- take 2..."

I was 4 yrs old when Cooner & Daddy Bud took me to Disney world. We stayed @ the Grand Floridian Resort & I remember thinking that it was "most magical castle" in the world. You can imagine my surprise when we went into the Magic Kingdom & I actually saw the real castle... I cried then & I do EVERY time I see it now!!!! We stayed @ the Grand Floridian again & got to see a few wedding in the chapel there... Priss now believes that she too wants to get married there- YEAH!!!! I told her I'm TOTALLY for it!! Now if we can just find someone worthy of her???? The trip was in Prissy's words from our 1st trip "just a dream come true". I think as a mother, nothing pleases me more than seeing my kiddos in pure bliss- they were 99% of our trip... and they were rewarded for their behavior I assure you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So without further delay- I give ya'll Disney- take 2...

{this is A-man after he "packed" all by himself... must to his dismay- we only took 5!}

{A-man meeting Lightning McQueen & Mater- he could barley talk he has SO excited let alone pose for pictures!!}

{the kiddos meeting the Playhouse Disney cast- with Handy Manny}

{and this is the MOST quiet that I have EVER heard my son be when he saw this guy...}

{A-man waiting in line for "Toy Story Mania"- we ALL loved it!!}

{Prissy with a "Toy Story Soldier"}

{here we are piled into a car @ the Sci-Fi dinner theatre- A-man thought this was a little slice of heaven (I mean really eating in a real car made into a table while watching cartoons) & the food was wonderful!!}

{every night we can home to our beds turned down... and chocolates!!!}

{...and fresh towels in the shape of "Mickey"
on our beds!!!}

I {heart} Disney!!!!!!!!

{Prissy with Mary Poppins}

{the kiddos outside the castle- I cried of course & Prissy did too & Joey did too but NOT A-man!!}

{Prissy after being made-over @ the "Pirate's League"... A-man tried, but.. then said "would you not have me put that paint on my face?" I just couldn't make him cry @ Disney World! When I told Daddy Bud the story he told me to tell him "he was proud of him for NOT getting make-up on like girls!".... }

{the kiddos with Goofy the Pirate}

{...and with their good partners- Woody & Jessie}

{and while Prissy the Princess Pirate said "hello" to Ariel...}

{...and the Fairy Godmother...}

{A-man slept...}

{my Capt. Joe Sparrow- isn't he dreamy with his patch??- I think some of his patients would appreciate this look!!}

{my little MiCkEy & MiNnIe}

{my very own Minnie...}

{hanging out with Tigger...}

...{and Poo!!!}

...{and Eeyore!!!!}

{my little Mouseketeers!!- A-man opted for NO face paint again...}

{and while Prissy & her Daddy rode the BIG rides... A-man did this!!!}

{the gang- Snow White, Capt. Joe, & First Mate A-man- after eating @ Boma- YUMMY!!!!}

{A-man loving the tasty treats of Epcot!!}

{the kiddos @ the Grand Floridian Resort playroom}

{and this is the little view that I got to see EVERYDAY @ Disney... was one of my VERY favorites!!! Isn't it precious!!}

and because Disney now makes a clothing line for 18in dolls {thanks Walt} and because I somehow convinced Prissy that Disney world was NO place for Lucy & Lanie.... we are now the proud owners the complete Belle costume...
thanks for taking this little Disney journey with us...
have a Magical Day!!!

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