Sunday, November 28, 2010

"in other Turkey news..."

I did successfully bake my 2nd turkey EVER- praise the Lord!!!! We had a wonderful & scrumptious time with the Moons- thank you sweet friends- we love you guys!!! Here are a few photos from the last week....

here is a peek of my 1st ever pumpkin pie {without Cooner here} from yes.... a REAL pumpkin... and it turned out- yeah!!!!

this is JP & Priss pulling the wish bone from the bird {Travis & I pull it every year- I sometimes let him win- ha ha}. I think I'll keep this photo for their rehearsal dinner too- wink wink!!!

and.... this is me running in my 1st ever {now some of you may want to sit down for this one}...race!!!! I have sorta taken up the whole running thing over the last 6 months... I know it still shocks Joey! The first thing I knew someone was darting to the finish line and scooped me up. He just kept saying "I didn't expect to see you so soon"- thanks Joe!!! He continues to brag on me {which is sorta fun :)}. I think he is prouder of me now than after pushing out 2 babies for him {and 1 with NO epidural} and I'm NOT kidding!!!! It cracks me up what these boys think of as an accomplishment- little does he know that being a "back stage mom" @ ballet is WAY harder!!!!!!!! But I think for now- I'll let him have his glory- ha ha ha!!!!!!

~Jodi & I after the Turkey Trot~
{although I look 5 feet taller than her in this photo- I am standing on a curb!
And let me bring some attention to our matching shirts- all 5 of us got them on our beach trip}
...and when it was ALL said & done... she says we are shooting for the BIG one next year???


  1. YEAH!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! And proud too!!! It was the shirt!!! love you!

  2. I think it needs to be noted that you finished 3rd in your age group too!! THat is HUGE GIRLFRIEND!!!! SO proud of you!!! Love your shirts too!
    :) Kristy

  3. I LOVE your shirts!