Thursday, November 11, 2010

"happy birthday Joey...

I love to celebrate birthdays & when it comes to the ones I love.... I have been known to go a bit nuts!!!!! So today as my precious partner in life -Joe-bo-baby- turns 36... I wanted to let him know just how much I love him with a little surprise. I decided to write out 36 reasons why I love him {which came very easy... I wonder if 87 will come that easily??}. Now when he gets home he will get a sneak peak into my heart & just how much he is loved today & EVERYDAY!!! Gotta run now & finish up the cake, the topper, wrap the gifts, make the banner, hang the balloons, make one of his favorites for dinner.... and {as Cooner would say} run a comb through my hair so he will want to come home tomorrow night- ha ha!!!
p.s. I think I'll leave the little banner up a few days to serve as a reminder then I'll tuck into a drawer for him to read and re-read when he forgets!!!!


Veteran's day
Daddy Bud
and to all the others who serve & have served!!!

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