Tuesday, November 09, 2010

"Disney- take 1..."

We are back... but I have YET to get to the hundreds of pictures that I took! And.... Cooner found herself back into the hospital while we were there.... so needless-to-say.... NOT even Minnie herself could have comforted me for awhile down there. All is on it's way to normal though- thanks to Daddy Bud "being afraid that I'd be mad @ him for not taking her into the hospital"!!! And... Cooner was suppose to surprise me & meet us @ the airport on our way home.... She didn't quite make her flight- but did ask the MD while in the ICU if he could hurry so she could.... She is home now recovering-she says she is going to get a better handle on her diabetes-and I am willing to call her every day before meals, @ bedtime, & @ 2am if that's what it takes.... because she would do it for me with NO hesitation- that's just the way she is!!! So while I get things settled around here... I thought I'd show you our 1st Disney trip when Priss was 4 & A-man stayed @ home with Cooner & Daddy Bud {and took his 1st bottles}... I still can't believe that we left him, but it was for the best. Prissy told EVERYONE in EVERY line that "she had a baby brother @ home, but Disney World was NO place for babies"- I think she heard me saying that to myself trying to talk me into the whole thing.....

{Prissy with June}

{who needs a carriage when you have a Prince to carry you wherever you wish??}

{When Prissy first met Ariel- she said "Ariel it's me Josey- I came all the way here to see you!" I cried my eyes out!!!}

{Prissy with Peter Pan}

{Prissy (as Tinker Bell) with Minnie Mouse}

{Prissy with Mulan}

{Prissy with Belle}

{Prissy with Snow White}

{Prissy with the Fairy Godmother}

{Prissy with Cinderella}

{Prissy with Aurora}

{Prissy after the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique}
... after we finished there we saw a Nun walking in the street of the Magic Kingdom. She asked Prissy who she was & Priss politely answered "I pray every night for Jesus to make me a mermaid and now look @ me!!!" I almost died right there...

{I don't think this one needs a caption??}

{this is the way Prissy looked 90% of the time}

{and this is the way she looked the other 10%... clinging to her wand}

{our 1st trip was Magical & so was our 2nd... I hope to get those pics up tomorrow???}

p.s. if you have an extra prayer- PLEASE send it up Cooner's way for me!!!

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