Friday, November 12, 2010

"Deputy Daddy's b-day..."

well... Joey's "Toy Story" party was in his words "One of the best yet"! I had both kiddos home all day- so I had LOTS of help to pull it off!!!

{Prissy made him this sign...}

...and A-man made him this one-
{his 1st one was just dots & "cars" but he insisted on making one with words like his sister's.. The only word he knows how to spell is.. A~S~H~T~O~N!}

...and what "Toy Story" party would be complete without a "Toy Story" cake...

...and some "Toy Story" toy... {Toy Story Mania was one of our most FAVORITE rides @ Disney and the game is suppose to be awesome too!!!}

p.s. I'm headed off to be beach with my girlfriends this weekend. The last time I left my kiddos & hubby for a weekend... wait- I NEVER have!!! Anyway THANK YOU- Joey, Heath, Steven, Jonathon, & Kevin for watching the kiddos & letting us go {we've got ya'll ALL prayed up}!!!!!!! I love these darling girls to death & I can't wait to catch up, shop, laugh until it hurts, .... & sleep in- ha ha!!!!!!!

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